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From Cupcakes and Candy to Big Booty Hoes

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Here is a random conversation that happened on Facebook tonight. It went from Koleana and I talking about our addiction to sweets to whose workout (resistance bands or strip aerobics) can give them a bigger and better butt. Other people chimed in on this conversation. In fact, Koleana’s older sister, Melissa, taught me something new today: Kiki means vagina in Tagolog. Welp, I guess we all learn something new everyday.

Enjoy (;P)

Koleana Kai McGuire

about an hour ago near Honolulu, HI ·

  • I have a confession to make…I’m a cupcakeholic.

Top of Form

Daniel Mateus Deadly addiction

Airec Syprasert its ok, we can get through this together

Koleana Kai McGuire It’s a serious problem

Airec Syprasert i have a confession to make, im addicted to candy and soda. lets get diabetes together

Jeff- Nalu Barbieto This is old news koleaner lol

Koleana Kai McGuire Jeff – You never see it as an issue, cuz you’re always eating them! Haha

Koleana Kai McGuire I’m a diabetes pusher. I push pastries on people. Hahaha

Airec Syprasert i think someone needs cupcake mail

Airec Syprasert i think the worst is when i eat sour candy and drink 7up at tge sane tune cuz it mixes well together

Koleana Kai McGuire True Life: I’m Addicted To Sweets.

Airec Syprasert what if we had a sweets off. gather all of our fav sweets and tried to eat them in a days sitting

Koleana Kai McGuire Damn, you’re really tryna kill me huh?

Koleana Kai McGuire Is it cuz my blog posts get more views than yours?

Airec Syprasert koleana, u know i care for you, but you gotta remember, you’re still a unicorn. in the end, I’m going to have to slay you one way or another.

Airec Syprasert and ouch! you and ur blog post can get out of here. u know what, why do u do your resistant bands and ill do my stripper aerobics and we will see who gets in better shape

Melissa McGuire Kiki what’s your blog? I would love to read it as long as I’m not in it again -___-

Melissa McGuire I meant kook lol

Melissa McGuire Wow auto correct lol koko!!! Omg lol

Airec Syprasert haha kiki

Melissa McGuire Kiki means vagina in the Philippines lol

Airec Syprasert haha wtf. how do you know this blasphemous language?

Airec Syprasert and dont call her that, she will beat you

Koleana Kai McGuire Bahahaha you guys are hella funny

Koleana Kai McGuire Guaranteed I’ll get my ass cheeks more well defined from my resistance band workouts than you from your stripper aerobics.

Melissa McGuire Sadly she weighs as much as my leg but she could kick my ass! I wouldn’t even be able to our run her I would have to curl up in a ball and protect my face.

Koleana Kai McGuire

Inside the Dark Minds of Koko and Airec

we danced, we blogged, we conquered

Melissa McGuire *out run

Airec Syprasert so you, a lil irish girl, is going to challenge me, a southneast asian boy who some people think is mexican so you know i got the latino booty, to a ass off? face off ass off? is this happening?

Airec Syprasert haha yeah i know melissa, i usually curl up into a ball too when i know koko is coming home and i dont have dinner ready

Koleana Kai McGuire Blasphemous is a big word airec. 11 letters?! I’m proud of you.

Airec Syprasert hey hey hey, i can use big words and big sentences. i only limit myself to 5 words so you can understand

Airec Syprasert im a big boy remember

Koleana Kai McGuire

Candy- The Pack

CAndy By the PAck- really cool song-itz freaky though

Airec Syprasert haha wtf? when did u start video spamming? am i rubbing off on u?

Airec Syprasert

2 Live Crew – Hoochie Mama (HQ + Lyrics)

‎14th track off of the Friday Soundtrack I do NOT own this track, or the picture…See More

Airec Syprasert ^^^ i found the perfect song for you and ur resistance band booty

Buy one get one pho FEEEEE?!?!? They had me at candy
Buy one get one pho FEEEEE?!?!? They had me at candy

Resistance Band work outs

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I had to turn in a report on resistance bands for my Strength & Conditioning Program Design class (as mentioned in a prior post). For any fitness enthusiasts out there, or just anyone curious about this piece of equipment, here is my summation. It’s basically a product description, talks about some mechanical advantages and disadvantages, and my personal opinion on the bands’ effectiveness. Again, this was written for a class, so I apologize if it’s tough to interpret the biomechanical nomenclature, I’m sure you’ll be just fine =) Here ya go!

Machine Description

Manufacturer’s description: 

“Bodylastics Resistance bands / Exercise bands are no longer just for aerobics classes. The cutting edge resistance band systems by Bodylastics stand toe to toe with the biggest and best home gyms, and even fully equipped health clubs. Do over 140 of the best muscle working exercises, on your own terms…anywhere…anytime. I am Blake Kassel, the inventor of the Bodylastics Resistance bands home gym. Are you skeptical that elastic resistance bands could work all of your muscles as well as the HUGE weight machines? Well you should be. But I am here to tell you that you will love this product, and will end up loving our company, because you are going to get in amazing shape and save a ton of cash at the same time. You will absolutely be able to work your muscles to the max. All of the best exercises for the chest, arms, legs, back, shoulders and abs can be performed with this compact workout system. Bodylastics offers resistance band gym systems that can stand toe to toe with the large bulky home gym machines.

Smoothest Resistance – When we were first developing the Bodylastics System, we searched for the smoothest source of resistance on the planet. Well, we found it – elastic resistance tubing (bands). Not only is resistance tubing super smooth when you stretch it, but it is incredibly light and flexible. That means it is easy to store – no extra room needed!”

  1. Cost: One band- $9.95-$17.95 US dollars depending on if the buyer wants a different amount of resistance.Locations where equipment is most likely to be used: Physical Therapy offices, Rehab facilities, Athletic Training facilities, etc:
    • The resistance band is a great tool for rehabilitating specific body parts, so it is found in almost every physical therapy setting. Because the bands can come in variations is resistance, they are often seen in athletic training settings, too.
  2. Governing mechanism for providing resistance?
    • Resistance bands are rubber tubes with handles on both ends that provide resistance as you row, curl, and otherwise extend them. The handles and the clipping mechanisms at the end of each band can be detached. The bands can be combined on the handles to generate a heavy load. Resistance bands hold their own when one is resistance training.  They are good for giving the muscles something a little different to control; the weight actually increases as you extend them. The handles are cushioned and comfortable and the clipping mechanisms are usually found in plastic, not metal, so they click on easy and don’t abrade the body when exercising.
  3. Affected Joint(s):
    • Resistance bands can work many joints of the body, depending on what a person wants to focus on training or rehabilitating. Bands can often be used to target the sacroiliac joint with a seated row movement. Bent over rows and chest presses can work the glenerohumeral joints and the elbow joints. Band squats can work the knee and ankle joints.
  4. Prime Movers :
    • Again, because the resistance bands are so versatile, there are many prime movers that one can choose to target. I will cover popular examples of muscles people choose to target such as the muscles of the upper arms (biceps brachii, triceps brachii, supraspinatus, deltoids).

    Stabilizing muscles, including muscles controlling the axial skeleton.

    • While choosing to target muscles of the upper arms, one would start by placing the band under one foot and stepping back with the other foot. Muscles of the lower leg stabilizing the band would be the Gastrocnemius, Hamstrings and Quadriceps. Keeping the core stable and tight throughout the movement would engage the Rectus abdominis, Transverse abdominis and Internal/External obliques.
    • Primary Movement(s):
        • Initial Body Position: The initial body position is standing upright on the ground, both legs kept straight and locked, feet staggered, back straight and arms placed in front of the body with each hand holding either handle of the band.

      Max/Min. R.O.M. : The resistance band is designed to simulate many movements dependent upon what the user is trying to mimic. The band is not designed to create a resistance level high enough to reach a 1-RM max, but rather to use resistance to quantify a multiple RM level. Nor are bands designed to improve range of motion. Those who use the bands for rehabilitation, possibly those just recovering from surgery, may only be able to initially complete 1 repetition, and can build strength from there.

      Affected Joint(s): 

      Resistance bands can work many joints of the body, depending on what a person wants to focus on training or rehabilitating. Bands can often be used to target the sacroiliac joint with a seated row movement. Bent over rows and chest presses can work the glenohumeral joints and the elbow joints. Band squats can work the knee and ankle joints.

      Using all the above information, determine if the advertising claims of the manufacturer are valid:

      If the claims have merit, identify those areas that are credible.

      If any portion of the advertising is misleading, make a case for refuting the claims using sound principles of the exercise sciences.

      Resistance bands offer many benefits over conventional weights and dumbbells. For one, they’re lighter and more convenient to pack while on vacation. Moreover, resistance bands offer constant tension on your muscles during the entire concentric and eccentric portions of the movement. That’s something you won’t get with free weights wherein resistance is dependent on gravity. And resistance bands can be used to many muscles in the body; they’re very versatile. Their versatility makes them a very attractive style of training.

      An effective resistance band routine will yield results. I’d recommend keeping rest periods short; as one moves quickly from exercise to exercise, one will be able to get some great fat-burning cardiovascular benefits as well.

      Although resistance bands allow portability and the freedom of movement, these two benefits can also be potential stumbling blocks. Certain exercises and motions require only that one stands on the band, but for other motions one may need to attach the band to a strong, stable surface at a certain height. It may be difficult to find a suitable stabilizing point, depending on the location. Also, the ability to provide resistance to almost any motion can be tantalizing; however, the risk performing the movement incorrectly is fairly high if one has not been taught proper form. My main concern with band usage lies within the knowledge of the user on proper body mechanics prior to use. Misalignment of the body during exercise can damage muscles, ligaments and tendons, and may cause serious pain. Talk to a certified trainer or exercise physiologist about the use of a resistance band first.

      With proper coaching on the usage of resistance bands, I believe they can be a very effective apparatus for training and rehabilitation. I have personally used them when rehabilitating a knee injury, and have found them to be adequate tools in a physical therapy setting.

Is Stripping Aerobics for me?

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Girl: Anyone know where they offer stripper pole aerobics classes in the area?

Me: My house ;P

Today via Facebook, one of my friends back from home posted a status that announced her interest in a new form of exercising, Stripper Aerobics.

The girl is a good friend from high school, so I decided to take the opportunity to make a witty remark. I mean my friend is a pretty attractive girl, no lie about that, so she probably (or actually, if you look at her FB wall) gets a lot of guys randomly hitting on her. It’s the small town of Visalia, so you have those kinda guys creeping on her FB all the time. I guess it’s the small price you pay for being pretty.

Also, trolling on FB is something I’m really good at.

But stripper pole aerobics? YES!!!!!!!!!!!

Stripping is not degrading; therefore, there is no shame in wanting to do stripper aerobics.

Here is an article by Jean Lawrence on explaining how stripping aerobics can shed off those unwanted-latenight-icecream-binge.-

To give professional strippers credit, stripping is hard. And yes this is a real profession known as EROTIC DANCING. In fact, anytime you have to pay taxes (I’ve learned), it’s considered a real job in the eyes of the United State Government.

But you know what, I applaud you stripping aerobics. Stripping is hard, I’ve tried it. And trust me, my so-called-strip-show for a bunch of sorority girls one random drunk night was not as good as the ones I’ve seen on Broadway Street on a late night in San Francisco.

Think about all the movements you have to make, all the muscles you have to use to climb up that slippery (and gross I know) silver, sometimes gold, pole, and all the dance moves you’re going to have to choreograph or reinvent to entertain your tent-pitching-guest.

Look at Carmen Electra. With her series of videos Carmen Electra Aerobic Striptease, she is one of the first pioneer of stripping aerobics. You know what, say what you want. But at age 40, she looks good.”

So girls, if you want to pick up stripping aerobics, I encourage you to. I mean when you walk into a really professional strip club, you should look at how good of shape those girls are. And I use the words “really professional” pretty loosely.

Of course however, stripper aerobics can’t fix a stripper’s face; but that’s your luck of the draw when you decide to stumble into a strip club after you and your buddies decide to leave the bars.

Who knows, maybe one day what you learn in stripping aerobics can come in handy. Maybe one day, you’re going to be trap in a fire and the only way out was to shimmy up a greased up pole that smells like cheap perfume. Or maybe perhaps (this would probably be the more practical use) one day, you and your future partner are brain storming ways to spice up your marriage and voilà! You’re able to pull out what you’ve learn in your erotic dancing [;)] classes. Then after you give your marriage a lil-spicy-salsa, you’re going to think ‘Thank you Airec, for convincing me to take stripping aerobics.’

Wishing you girls all the best and please don’t hurt yourself, Airec 😉

Here is a picture of me FRESHMEN YEAR, so about 5 years ago, striking a super sexy pose that I usually end my strip show with ;)
Here is a picture of me FRESHMEN YEAR, so about 5 years ago, striking a super sexy pose that I usually end my strip show with 😉

Confessions of a college student.

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My school, University of Hawaii Manoa, has a special page on facebook. Students can post anonymous confessions, other people can read, like, and comment on them. There is no way of knowing who posted the confessions. Let me share this with you, and hopefully you’ll get a good laugh out of it too 😉

P.S. NO, I have not posted any confessions on that page….yet.

21 Ways To Take Advantage Of Your 20’s

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A too-perfect-for-words way of describing our 20’s.

Max Graham at Ruby Skye for TORQ 1.24.13

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Max Graham at Ruby Skye TORQ 1.24.13
Max Graham at Ruby Skye TORQ 1.24.13

Last night in San Francisco was TranceThursdays!!! Which means another night at Ruby Skye for TORQ, presenting Max Graham, a trance DJ and producer from London and off the almighty Armada label.

From what I know of Graham’s music, I was expecting some mellow, uplifting trance. You know, something that was gonna make my eyes close as I lift my hands in the air. Boy was I wrong (well I did do that but not as much as I thought I was going to).

Max Graham effin’ killed it. He was droppin’ hard hitting tracks that shocked me.

I mean coming into this I knew Graham was good, but not this good. His blend of hard hitting tracks, such as Khohma “Dusk Riddles,” and euphoric uplifting trance, which included his remix of “This Night” by Filo & Peri, was superb. Not to mention he drop the Myon & Shane remix of “Love Rain Down” by Markus Schulz, one of my fave track by my fave DJ.

Graham definitely surprised me with his set. His DJ’ing abilities and his sense for what the crowd was grooving along to were in sync. He was able to please the crowd without diverting away from his style of trance.

Not only did I closed my eyes and put my hands up in the air, but I also jumped till I could not jump no more. Along with the peaceful melodic trance, I couldn’t help but fight the air at times with Graham threw down some tech-trance . . . I felt like I slayed some unicorns last night. Sorry Koleana.

I’m a little disappointed in the crowd last night though. Compared to a sold-out show last week for Madeon, Ruby Skye was only at half its capacity. And for a DJ like Graham, the room deserved to be packed!

But it worked out for the best I guess; the fans that really love trance were there and big props to Graham who still put forth his A game for the small number of us.

I’ve heard of Max Graham because of his compilation album Cycles, but not of his live stuff. But after tonight, I’m a fan. Straight hooked.

Here is a video of Max Graham playing his remix of “This Night” by Filo & Peri:

Airec: Yo man, he’s actually really good.

Niko: No. He’s really really good.

making connections

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Went to a meeting this evening for students of the Kinesiology department. I was considering declining the invitation when I first received it mostly because I’ve been in the field for so long  that I didn’t think I would be learning anything new or useful. I decided to check it out anyway because, if nothing else, at least I could network. Networking is how you survive in Hawaii (and life in general). In order to find a job you have to have connections with people.

So my friend (who also works in the athletic training room with me) and I sat through the talks and snacked on the food they provided.

At the end we went to talk story with the guest speaker who is the athletic trainer at Iolani High School (a very prominent, private , rich school in Hawaii). I shared with him my experiences thus far at my university’s athletic training room, and through our conversations, he invited me to come shadow him on the job!

There are only 2 universities on my island. So if I am not able to land an AT position in one of them, then I’d have to drop down to the high school level. At which- I would HAVE to have connections to even be considered for a job.

He invited me to work the state wrestling match (as an AT) that’s coming up next month!! Such an amazing opportunity!!!!

That wasn’t the only exciting invitation I got tonight. After speaking with the Iolani guy, I shifted focus to the program coordinator who put on the whole event (Shevonne was her name). I thanked her for putting on the meeting tonight and explained that it’s a really great networking opportunity, and it’s very informative for incoming freshman, and just students who haven’t yet figured out what they want to do in the Kinesiology field. I mentioned that I am a transfer student from SF State and that I’m really happy to be pursuing my education at UH. She said she wants to interview me on film, and put me in a documentary she’s making, that she will be showing at future meetings and sharing with new/transfer students. I was like FUCK YEAH, you can put me in your documentary 😉 We talked more story about my job in the athletic training room, and then BOOM! She invited me to apply for her mentoring program. In the program, she chooses a couple Kinesiology students from difference pathways (athletic training, physical training, physical therapy, etc). They mentor new/transfer students, give talks at meetings and conferences about our respective pathway, job opportunities, guidance counseling about classes and such, AND these mentors are given a $500 stipend PER semester. That’s fucking dope. I’d do it even if I weren’t getting paid. But that extra cash with definitely help cover some textbook costs, lol.

So all in all, tonight was very successful. I’m glad I decided to go to the meeting. They fed us dinner, I networked, and got offered some really intriguing opportunities that I will definitely be pursuing.

The lessons learned? Don’t be afraid to talk to people and share your experiences.

“Uses scotch tape to reattach her moped’s broken blinker button- auto mechanic”

–You’d have to see my IG to really understand ^that^ 😛

having no life is a good life.

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Athletic training room today.

Athletic Trainers meeting & dinner tonight.

Football practice tomorrow- 5:45am.

Strength training clinic- 3:30pm.

Strength training clinic alll dayyyyy saturday.

Mens volleyball games allll daaayyy sunday. 

Living the dream- priceless. 


“Gives football player advice about his shoulder injury and whether to wait until after the NFL draft for surgery – doctor.” 

its like myspace all over again.

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Airec: Holy shit today we had 36 ppl view our WP

Koko: Holy shit we’re popular!

Airec: It feels like high school again. Haha. Alot of ppl told me we’re funny

Koko: Its like getting views on myspace. Haha

Airec: Haha. Ur old making that reference

Koko: -_- dick

“Realizing that you can’t party till the sun comes up anymore since your back aches and knees throb after the first 4 hours and you’re younger friends want to continue for 6 more hours, senior citizen.”

Tosh.0 Shares with us Bros Posing as Hoes

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I was browsing Facebook and I stumbled upon this funny video clip from Daniel Tosh’s show Tosh.0 of guys mimicking various poses that girls do in Instagram pictures. It’s quite funny. I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those normal red-blooded males who thinks some girls are hot even as they do the duck-face. And I say some of those pictures because not all girls who take those pictures are as attractive as they “pose out” to be. I’m not going to lie and say that those demeaning pictures make them unattractive. If they’re hot then they’re hot! Who am I to take away from their hotness, I’m just an Asian kid behind a computer screen. But after seeing this video, I have a whole new, and scary, image in my head when I see “sexy” Instagram pictures; a scary image that, thanks to Daniel Tosh, I won’t be able to wash from my memory.

*if the link doesn’t work here it is again:—bros-pose-as-hoes-photos?fb_action_ids=10100644482279748&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

-Airec Sype.