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Went to a meeting this evening for students of the Kinesiology department. I was considering declining the invitation when I first received it mostly because I’ve been in the field for so long  that I didn’t think I would be learning anything new or useful. I decided to check it out anyway because, if nothing else, at least I could network. Networking is how you survive in Hawaii (and life in general). In order to find a job you have to have connections with people.

So my friend (who also works in the athletic training room with me) and I sat through the talks and snacked on the food they provided.

At the end we went to talk story with the guest speaker who is the athletic trainer at Iolani High School (a very prominent, private , rich school in Hawaii). I shared with him my experiences thus far at my university’s athletic training room, and through our conversations, he invited me to come shadow him on the job!

There are only 2 universities on my island. So if I am not able to land an AT position in one of them, then I’d have to drop down to the high school level. At which- I would HAVE to have connections to even be considered for a job.

He invited me to work the state wrestling match (as an AT) that’s coming up next month!! Such an amazing opportunity!!!!

That wasn’t the only exciting invitation I got tonight. After speaking with the Iolani guy, I shifted focus to the program coordinator who put on the whole event (Shevonne was her name). I thanked her for putting on the meeting tonight and explained that it’s a really great networking opportunity, and it’s very informative for incoming freshman, and just students who haven’t yet figured out what they want to do in the Kinesiology field. I mentioned that I am a transfer student from SF State and that I’m really happy to be pursuing my education at UH. She said she wants to interview me on film, and put me in a documentary she’s making, that she will be showing at future meetings and sharing with new/transfer students. I was like FUCK YEAH, you can put me in your documentary 😉 We talked more story about my job in the athletic training room, and then BOOM! She invited me to apply for her mentoring program. In the program, she chooses a couple Kinesiology students from difference pathways (athletic training, physical training, physical therapy, etc). They mentor new/transfer students, give talks at meetings and conferences about our respective pathway, job opportunities, guidance counseling about classes and such, AND these mentors are given a $500 stipend PER semester. That’s fucking dope. I’d do it even if I weren’t getting paid. But that extra cash with definitely help cover some textbook costs, lol.

So all in all, tonight was very successful. I’m glad I decided to go to the meeting. They fed us dinner, I networked, and got offered some really intriguing opportunities that I will definitely be pursuing.

The lessons learned? Don’t be afraid to talk to people and share your experiences.

“Uses scotch tape to reattach her moped’s broken blinker button- auto mechanic”

–You’d have to see my IG to really understand ^that^ 😛

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