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Peace Corps Aspirations

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As my family and most of my friends already know, I aspire to volunteer for the Peace Corps upon graduation. Do you know what gets me really really excited about doing so? THESE VOLUNTEER BLOGS!!!

I love getting to read the posts of volunteers currently in these countries!! It makes me jump outta my skin with anticipation to become one of them =)

Anywho, thought I’d share that little tidbit ❤

-Koleana K. M.

“Tells a funny joke to her friends- comedian”


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I have to do a report on a piece of training equipment. I can choose any type of fitness equipment or apparatus I want, as long as it is relevant in the fitness industry. Hmmm…I think I want to write about the resistance band. That’s a pretty versatile device. Any thoughts?

-Koleana K. M.

Spreading PLURR

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One downfall of the rave culture in Hawaii is the lack of PLURR. The EDM scene is plagued with underage bandwagoners, who think they are cool by taking hella drugs and going to raves. We are trying to change that mentality. You see those kinds of people everywhere, but especially here. Raves are about the music, having a genuine appreciation for the artists, sharing those moments with your friends, and doing your best to make sure everyone has a good experience.

PLURR is a popular acronym in the rave culture, standing for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility. (Also seen as PLUR) It’s been a common theme among ravers since the 1990s once a popular DJ named Frankie Bones shouted it out when a fight broke out during his set at an event.

PEACE- Keep the peace with everyone. Don’t go to raves causing fights, bringing drama, and spreading bad energy. Dance, enjoy the music, and savor every moment.

LOVE- Show love for each other. Show love to the DJs. Show your love for the music. Share with each other. You have gum? You have water? Share it. Acts of kindness always come full circle, and you will be rewarded in some way.

UNITY- The beautiful thing about electronic music is that is unifies people. Ravers come from all walks of life, and they can show up to these events and feel connected to each other. We all fit in. We all belong. We are all one with the music and with each other. There is a oneness of mind and feeling.

RESPECT- Show consideration for others. Especially for the venue hosting the event. Be polite, don’t litter and don’t make a mess. Show kokua for the environment.

RESPONSIBILITY- Don’t act a fool. Be smart with your alcohol & substance consumption.  Make good choices. Also, look our for your friends. Whenever I hear stories of ravers being carried away on stretchers, the first person I blame is the friends of the victim. You gotta look out for people. You come as a group- you leave as a group.

One of these most common ways of spreading PLUR is through giving kandi (like pictured above). Beaded bracelets made by hand to be given or traded with other ravers. The beads usually are a standard size, they come in all different colors, and lettered beads are often used to spell out words or phrases on the bracelets.

Every rave I go to, I try to make plenty of kandi to give out or to trade. I often make custom ones for my friends I know I will see at the event. I also make some generic ones to give out to people or trade. When I see a raver not wearing a kandi, I make a point to give them one. There is a series of hand gestures in which the kandi gets transferred from my wrist to theirs while we hold hands. If they have never been PLURRed a kandi before, I make sure I explain it to them, and encourage them to come to the next event with kandi, and join in on the PLURR.

I attended  a rave called Winter Wonderland last night. Mat Zo was deejaying. I brought over a dozen kandi with me and gave them all out through the course of the night. One guy I gave a kandi to had his friend take photos of every PLUR step so that they will know how to do it from now on =) They said they now feel accepted … It made me happy to see them so excited.

We do not judge those who are new to the scene, nor do we try to keep newcomers out. Instead we welcome them with open arms. And while doing so, we educate them on the concept of PLURR and encourage them to acclimate themselves to the way we do things in our culture.

Demonstrating PLURR is something I always promote and strive to do myself. Keeping these practices alive is very important to me. If ravers showed a little more PLURR, it might help change the reputation of the scene, and keep the culture bustling!

-Love Koleana Kai McGuire

“Strings a bunch of beads together during arts and crafts, jeweler.”


A Deeper Look into Airec’s Mind

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Me in San Diego onto of a rock trying to OWL . . . which turned into a frog since I have fat thighs.
Me in San Diego onto of a rock trying to OWL . . . which turned into a frog since I have fat thighs.

Yo yo yo, Airec again. I guess since my partner did it, I might as well do it too. I am a creative writing major at San Francisco State University, living in the beautiful state of Cali, Cali, Cali. I was originally raised in Visalia, a town in the middle of nowhere California. I usually say I’m from Fresno since noooooo one knows where V-town is. I moved up to San Francisco about six years ago to start my college “career.” Yes I’ve been in college for six years. And no, I’m not working on my masters. I don’t regret being in college for this long, although my parents still believe (desperately) -despite me telling them multiple of times that I’m not- that I’m getting my masters. My Asian parents, when are they going to learn that I am not going to become a doctor.

I am a goofy person, witty and kind of an asshole. I like to push people’s limits and I’m blunt about things. This is where I get myself into the most trouble. Most of the time people don’t know whether to laugh or to scold me. But after being around me for a while, people just see it as Airec being Airec. That’s when the laughter comes rolling in, when you get pass this tubby surface. This duel-blog is going to be good because where I like come off rough and strong, Koleana will be here to provide some comfort from the crude things that I’m going to say. I’m going to admit that I am an idiot at times, I’m not going to tip toe around that, but I do love to talk. My goal in life is to make people laugh and entertained. This blog is going to be my vehicle to bring smiles to people faces with my stupid antics and commentaries.

In my free time (like Koko) I like to be active. May it be going to the gym or going on hikes around the city; being active is ingrained in my DNA. This is probably because I used to weight 230lbs in high school, and I DO NOT want to revert back to that lil chubby kid. Given I played sports in high school, I was still that fat Chinese kid . . . despite the fact that I’m not Chinese. As quoted from the Austin Powers movie, I had more chins than a Chinese phone book. I blame it on my mother’s cooking and my love for fried food (especially fried chicken). Aside from being active, I like to play video games and attended concert and shows. I really like rock music (especially Alt. and indie) and electronic music (trance is my favorite EDM genre). That being said, I like to attend electronic dance music festivals. (Some of you may know what I’m talking about) I’ve attended five EDC’s. Yes, I’ve wasted –blissfully and willingly- hundreds of dollars and put my body through hell to have the privilege of being at five Electric Daisy Carnivals. This year, Koko and I will embark on another EDC with our crazy fun group of friends. So there will be some post regarding EDM and festivals I attend.

What am I going to blog about? Hmm . . . pretty much anything that pertains to my thoughts and adventures. Hopefully I will be sober enough when I attend shows so I can blog about them later when I wake up with a nasty hangover. Like Koko, I come from a really “unique” family. My parents are of Laotian and Thai decent, immigrants from Southeast Asia. I am the first generation of the Sypraserts. Yes, I know my last name has a lot of consonants in it. Now try pronouncing it. I am also the first of not two, not four, but nine kids . . . That’s a lot of kids. So some of my views on American living are going to be different; I’m just a boy who is an Asian American, trying to survive in an American and Asian world. So expect some post about that.

What I ask from you guys is to please not take everything I say to heart. I’m going to reiterate this again, I am an idiot. I like to be a smartass and I derive my style of comedy from the great comedic mind of Dave Chappelle and Asian comedian Kevin Shea, and also from fictional characters like Stifler. So please be patient with me. Just be glad that Koleana is here to grace your eyes, as well as protect my ass, with her elegant and cheery writing. Well, this is going to be fun; I know you’ll enjoy the ride (;P)


Koko mocho says hello

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Aloha! Koko here. What a friendly introduction from Airec =) IDK what else to say…haha. Start with the basics I guess? I live in Hawaii. I have 1 year left of college (fingers crossed) before embarking abroad with the Peace Corps (a life-long dream of mine). As for the moment, I rage face as a Kinesiology major which basically allows me to continue my passion of working out, and surrounding myself with others who suffer from the same obsessions over fitness and sexiness. Airec is one funny fother mucker, we manage to keep each other laughing for hours on end. It was only a matter of time before we took our comedy public. It would be selfish to keep all this hilariousness under wraps. Airec is a writing major, so he fully enjoys writing, telling stories, and keeping people entertained. Me on the other hand…I’m actually not that funny. I’m just really mean, and people think that I’m joking. I’m slightly eccentric and fully offensive with a lot of the statements I make…but hey! Who gives a fuck, right?

Where does/ will mine and Airec’s writing come from? We use various forms of communication and media. Our rants and conversations are had through text, facebook, chatting, emails, blogging…we also recently made a shared twitter. So when you see our conversations and posts in this blog, they may be pulled from any of those sources and shared with you.

Things I rant about most often: family drama. I have a family full of women, and there is always some bullshit fire that I have to put out. (Never thought I’d grow up to be a firefighter, ha). Work: I work in the athletic training room at my school, dealing with athletes’ legitimate and malingering injuries. Political, economical, and social controversies. If there’s anything going on in the world, I probably have an opinion about it and delight in engaging in some intellectual intercourse (typical Gemini)

Which leads me to my next point: I love astrology. It is a significant component of my faith and I tend to incorporate astrological beliefs into much of my writing. It is also the basis for a lot of my prejudices about people (for example, I dislike most pisces). If you understand astrology then you wouldn’t take offense.

“Stops writing in a journal and starts a blog- blogger.”

Happy reading!

Meet the people who are writing this blog

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Drinking Fireball out of water cups at Jack in the Box on Geary St in San Francisco . . . classy
Drinking Fireball out of water cups at Jack in the Box on Geary St in San Francisco . . . classy

Howdy yall, my name is Airec Syprasert. My name is pronounced Eric. Yes, I know it isn’t the traditional way of spelling Eric, but it is how I spell Airec. I’m the Asian guy on the right. My buddy on the left is Koleana Kai McGuire, or Koko for short. This here, what you have stumbled upon, is our little project, our comedy blog. After many long nights of chatting on Facebook, spamming the crap out of our walls, pissing off our friends with countless notifications, we finally decided to create our own comedy blog. The little monster that we have created will be the creative projects that spawn out of our dark minds. From what I can tell you (or assume because I can’t speak for her since she is doing her philosophy homework), the things that Koko will post are going to be charming, cute, quirky and of course funny. The stuff that I’m going to produce will kind of make you cringe and question whether you should laugh or be offended . . . also witty and funny. The hopes of this project are to bring some smiles to a few faces while tickling some bellies. We hope that . . . No, we know that our ridiculous retelling of antics and adventures, mixed in with some funny conversations and pictures, will bring forth laughter and haunt your mind forever. So sit back and enjoy our blog, because we know we’re going to enjoy writing it.


This is why we need to be professional bloggers

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  • Airec Syprasert we’re deff on the road to being mature
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Maturity at its finest!
  • Airec Syprasert oh yeah, this is deff the engineered work of soon to be college grads
  • Koleana Kai McGuire We will be such valuable assets in society
  • Airec Syprasert oh yeah, the world needs more dicks made out of food pics
  • Airec Syprasert that should be a future project, travel the world to make sexual organs out of food. . .you in?
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Down. We all know va jay jay rules the world!
  • Airec Syprasert you shut ur face
  • Airec Syprasert no doubt i love va jay jay, but no penis wins
  • Koleana Kai McGuire You’re trippin brohammer. Imma take a nap before homework and working out. Figure out the drop box thing!
  • Airec Syprasert how many naps do u take granny? and i will. go rest ur va jay jay
  • Koleana Kai McGuire I need my beauty sleep. Being a unicorn isn’t easy!
  • Airec Syprasert stop throwing ur unicorness in my face or else im going to slay you in the name of markus
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Don’t get your panties in a bunch!
  • Airec Syprasert too late, stop being mean to me or else ill tell. . .the neighbors are going to hear
  • Koleana Kai McGuire You better take your ass back to the kitchen where it belongs! Don’t make me get the belt!
  • Airec Syprasert please stop, i no want to hurt no mo. my momma warned about evil white people like you. yall folks made us build the muni tracks.
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Whatevs. Irish had to built the first transcontinental railroad. Everyone has a story to tell about shit their people went through…
  • Airec Syprasert yeah my story is about how koleana mcguire an irish immigrant decent beat me and asian decent. . . .sad
  • Malia Kai McGuire hahahaha!^
  • Will Scott I love how this started as a penis joke, which turned to a bajingo rules issue & then you pulled the “special” unicorn card & finally ended with a racial profiling beat down! Herhehehhehe
  • Airec Syprasert never a dull time with koko and airec
  • Koleana Kai McGuire This is why we need to be professional bloggers…so we can make money off people being entertained by our lives
  • Airec Syprasert I just create our twitter. Now let me play a few games if halo before I work on our blog

Wouldn’t it be cool to actually be a doctor?

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  • Koleana Kai McGuire Hahahahahahha I feel like I’d be letting some people down if I don’t become a doctor
  • Airec Syprasert well you can advise your football players to take a day off if they feel sore, that is kinda like what doctors do right?
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Gives advil to a football player- doctor
  • Airec Syprasert tells football player to walk it off after receiving a hard hit, physical therapist
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Tells football player to alternate drinking water & gatorade- licensed nutritionist
  • Airec Syprasert a little blonde girl on Hawaii’s football sideline in a swarm of gnarlly football players during a game. snowflake
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Being 1 of 5 females on a field full of 130 dudes- successful?
  • Airec Syprasert being an athletic trainer working on a college football team, one of airecs dreams
  • Koleana Kai McGuire It’s not as glorious as it sounds…hella work with no recognition lol
  • Airec Syprasert well i give you recognition. you get to hang out with football players in a school that ACTUALLY has a football team while i hangout with bloggers. . . lol. if i could throw you a parade i would but for now ill just clap for you in my room in front of my laptizzle
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Stops writing in a journal and starts a blog- blogger
  • Airec Syprasert eats at a hole in a wall restaurant in sf and post a facebook status, food blogger
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Writes a yelp review about most recent restaurant experience- food critic.
  • Airec Syprasert puts a table together from ikea, craftsmen
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Buys the latest Drake cd – gangsta
  • Airec Syprasert buys booty shorts and runs around with a boy who just bought the latest drake cd, hoodrat
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Buys a box of cake mix and bakes the cake- martha stewart
  • Airec Syprasert drinks guinness at an Irish bar, honorary irish man
  • Koleana Kai McGuire drinks a corona on cinco de mayo- mexican
  • Airec Syprasert eat a vegetarian burrito on cinco de mayo, hipster mexican
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Buys 1 pair of vans shoes- skater
  • Airec Syprasert joins an MMA gym, UFC fighter
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Girl draws stick figures that her parents hang on the fridge- aspiring artist
  • Airec Syprasert has a baby with a pro football player she met at a club, Real Housewife (or JACKPOT!!! works too)
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Goes to ruby skye in club attire, not knowing Hardwell is playing- raver
  • Airec Syprasert random drunk asian girl grinding on her asian bf at hardwell and poking airec in the eye, ninja assassin
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Creeps up behind a girl dancing in the club and starts dry humping her- future husband
  • Airec Syprasert pushes a guy who started randomly humping her from behind at a club because shes a strong independent woman who needs no man to dance, feminist
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Suggests ab workouts to a friend trying to lose inches- personal trainer
  • Airec Syprasert tells a freshmen not to eat that slice of pizza at the DC and to be aware of the freshmen 15, nutritionist
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Drinks milk straight from the carton- rebel
  • Airec Syprasert Pushes little brother into the pool but quickly pulls him out because he doesn’t know how to swim, lifeguard
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Builds a fire with flint rock- Bear Grillz
  • Airec Syprasert tells his friend that he will find another girl better than his ex who just broke up with him and not to feel down, psychologist