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Another TORQ Thursday with Gabriel and Dresden

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Gabriel and Dresden at TORQ ruby skye 2/22/2013
Gabriel and Dresden at TORQ Ruby Skye 2/22/2013

Last Thursday I danced, literally danced, on the line that separated house and trance with the help of legendary San Francisco based DJ’s Gabriel and Dresden.

On another TORQ Thursday night, the EDM promotion group brought in Josh Gabriel & Dave Dresden. I didn’t really know what to expect actually. I randomly saw them once at EDC 2012 (I believe), I’m not really too sure how good they were because I was a little blitzed when I saw them. So from whatever memory I could gather from that time I saw them, I decided it was worth seeing them again, even after working two different shifts for a combined total of 13 hours.

There were two things that I knew walking into their show: one, they have been around for awhile and are legends in the industry, and two, I absolutely love, love, effin’ love their remix of Sarah McLachlan – “Fallen.”

When I first heard of G&D remix of “Fallen,” I instantly fell in love with that song. If you’re listening to that song and have your headphones up, you’ll be able to fully experience the bass of G&D, which will beat your eardrums but yet it’s getting mended by the soothing melodic vocals of Miss Sarah McLachlan. It’s just a great marriage of euphoric melody and bass. Give it a listen and see for yourself.

So any who, there I am, standing in the middle of dance floor waiting for G&D to start, completely sober, [Yeah I know, being sober in a club is hard, but not if you enjoy the music then you can get drunk off the music (;P)], not knowing what to expect. Then the lights turn off, the only lights that are illuminating the club right now are those of the four screens in front of the DJ booth that flashed the names Gabriel and Dresden. Waiting and wondering what their first song would be, I started to hear a very familiar tune. Slowly I realized that it’s the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Through the heavy bass and electronic song, I was able to decipher that it was a remix of RHCP “Otherside.” It was that moment when I instantly knew that it was going to be a good night.

The next thought that popped into my head was how were they going to fallow up “Otherside?” I was unsure about how they were going to keep up this energy that the crowd was now hungry for. My question was answered when I heard the melody to G&D classic track, “Tracking Treasures Down.” Although this track is an “oldie,” it still gets the crowd moving and grooving. Any other fans of EDM who knew this song welcomed it with cheers and roars, scattered by applauds; we were all happy to hear a classic.

Actually I found out later that the track G&D played was “Tracking Coconut Down,” a mash-up of their song with Cold Blue. In fact, their set was like mash-up galore! I’m not a mathematician of any sort (but I am Asian so that might count for something), but I would say a good 75 percent of their set were mash-ups.

There were ALL sorts of mash-ups in their set. A lot of their mash-ups included Top 40’s hits with EDM songs. Yes yes, I know how that sounds. I mean if someone asked me if I would like to hear Top 40’s hits at an EDM club, I would say F**K NO! But G&D has proved to me that it is possible.

The way these two men blend the vocals of Top 40’s hits into energetic EDM songs that were still considered as good songs was phenomenal. One of the things that I immediately thought of was that Harry Potter meme “what kind of sorcery is this?!” But whether it be magic learned from Hogwarts or amazing producing skills, G&D did it; their rendition of Top 40’s tunes made me hop around in a club with a fat smile.

In their Top 40’s throw down, I heard songs like “Sex is on Fire” by Kings of Leon, “99 Red Balloons” by Nena, “Mr.Brightside” by The Killers, “Track 2” by Blur . . . the list goes on! The combination of electronic beats with these alternative rock vocals gave G&D a sort of retro feel. I know that the songs I heard that night are not that old, but I was defiantly transported back to the 80’s when I was on the dance floor of Ruby Skye that night. Or what I thought the 80’s were like from what I gathered from watching movies.

My favorite “retroy” mash-up of the night had to be Eric Pryda “Allein” with Human League “Don’t You Want Me.” It’s really good, trust me. LISTEN TO IT!!!

Of course G&D busted out mash-ups of today’s top EDM hits; Such as their mash-up of Porter Robinson “Language” and Andain “Promises.” I know a friend who would have gone all soft for that mash-up.

For the first half of their set, I literally felt as the bass was attacking my face. The stuff that these two men were spinning just hit so hard, sending my skin into vibrating waves as each song hit that kick drum.

It wasn’t long before G&B started fading into their roots. As the night slowly transforms into morning, their hard hitting housey set started becoming uplifting, becoming progressive house, and arguably a little trancey.

I was so pleased, as well as many other older EDM fans in the crowd that night, when Motorcycle “As the Rush Come” came on. We . . . felt the rush come! LOL.  Another great euphoric song that was played in their second half, and also love so dearly, was Sander Van Doorn and Adrian Lux “Eagles.”

The song selection of the night was amazing. Gabriel and Dresden did an AMAZING job. I loved their entire set. It was full of energy and was pumped of familiar vocals that made the crowd sing along. Their set was defiantly a crowd pleaser, but these two men did it in a way that still holds their own flavor that makes Josh and Dave Gabriel and Dresden.

One of my favorite images of the night however was not of G&D, but a couple slow dancing to G&D encore song “Zocalo” (by no other than Armin Van Buuren feat. Gabriel and Dresden). Is it creepy that I think a couple slow dancing in a crowd that was jumping up and down, side to side furiously to an EDM song was heartwarming? Kind-of-but-not-really. As other people around this couple jumped around to the beat of the song, this couple found their own beat and only thought of them to be in the room, slow dancing away. I couldn’t help but appreciate this weird cinematic moment that was happening. I did not see this as a creepy Asian guy people watching, I saw this as one of the true essence of EDM, as music that can make people rage but love at the sometime.

Random Domestic Humor: Two in One Day

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Me flexing, I just turned 21. . .yes I know I looked like a douche bag for taking this picture, but hey, I just turned 21
Me flexing, I just turned 21. . .yes I know I looked like a douche bag for taking this picture, but hey, I just turned 21


Koko Streching

Here is a random conversation that lead into one of our normal husband-abuse-tangents. I don’t know why but most of the battles end with me (Airec) making a sandwich.

Koleana Kai McGuire: Just opened another savings account…I feel like such a grown up (^_^)

Airec Syprasert I have two checking a and two savings with two diff banks. Get in my level girl

Airec Syprasert Got on

Koleana Kai McGuire 2 checkings & 2 savings between 3 places. In yo face!

Airec Syprasert 2jobs and I pick up the kids n make dinner boo-yaaa

Koleana Kai McGuire I bring home the bread, I expect dinner on the table every night!

Airec Syprasert You told me you didn’t care bout that and wouldn’t bring it up anymore!!!! we are equals you said!

Koleana Kai McGuire Well I lied. Now get back in the kitchen & make me a sandwich

Airec Syprasert Ok, you know what, I lied too; it wasn’t good, I faked it (O.O)

Airec Syprasert shared a link.

i found unicorn helmets and armor . . . play (HALO 4) with me

Koleana Kai McGuire Can we dress up in these and make a harlem shake video pweeaasseeeeee

Airec Syprasert i thought u dont like thsoe kinda videos and thought they were overkill?

Koleana Kai McGuire The beyonce shit was overkill

Airec Syprasert so what ur telling me is that you’re willing to dress up in a halo unicorn helemt as long as we do the harlem shake>?

Airec Syprasert and i emphasize in the word HALO

Koleana Kai McGuire If only there were a way to wear a spirithood OVER the unicorn helmet. Hmmmm

Airec Syprasert why, why would you wanna desecrate the sanctity of halo with a spirithood?!?!

Airec Syprasert maybe u wear the helmet and ill wear the spririthoody? with a ski mask?

Koleana Kai McGuire No I wear both!

Airec Syprasert no, you always do this! like when you didn’t let me choose the color for the drapes, you never let me get what i want

Koleana Kai McGuire You’re so damn high maintenance!

Airec Syprasert (but real talk, you can wear both unicorns cuz ill probably end up slaying the unicorn anyways. im down to make the music video if i can wear the ski mask)

Airec Syprasert and you are a control FREAK!!! always being a man and never letting me have an opinion :*(

Koleana Kai McGuire You’re opinions are irrelevant. I bring home the bread = I make all the decisions.

Koleana Kai McGuire (real talk though: this is going on the Hawaii To-Do List)

Airec Syprasert you’re never appreciative

mechanical advantages of pulley systems & how it means your whole life has been a lie.

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Hey there! Finally put the finishing touches on a report for my strength & conditioning program design class. Last week, we had more of a hands-on lab inside my university’s fitness center. We inspected the pulley systems used in a few different types of isolating machines. What we discovered was jaw-dropping (at least for those who frequently use these machines).

Systems of pulleys can decrease the force required to lift a certain amount of weight.

For example, if I want to lift a 100 lb weight, and I have a pulley system with 3 pulleys, that gives me a mechanical advantage of 2. If I use this pulley system, I only have to exert 50 lbs of force to lift the 100 lb weight. (100/2 = 50). Does that make sense?

Now apply this to the strength training machines you see in weight rooms. Most of these machines have a complex system of pulleys. Meaning that you are never actually lifting the amount of weight you think you are.


Pulley LAB # 1/ 2-14-12

Measurement ofApplied Resistance From Selected

Strength-Training Apparatus

Koleana Kai McGuire


The pulley lab definitely challenged the way we look at strength training machines by critically examining a variety of exercise equipment. Looking at its overall apparatus set up and design, and specifically each of its pulley systems and its impact on the “perceived” load. It made me realize that some manufactures didn’t take into consideration the effects of pulley systems on weight lifting. This is important as a user of these types of machines, because now I have a more accurate understanding of the weight that’s being lifted. As well as a future professional when training clients, I will know what recommendations to make, and how best to design strength training programs based upon the equipment available.

Apparatus # 1: Pulldown

Brand Name: Equalizer

Description of: 3 lines of pull attached to load, 1 line as free end pulling down

Apparatus Commonly used for tricep extensions

# pulleys 1 movable pulley

M.A. 2

Trial  (lbs) 70 lbs

Notes Measured 32.5 lbs on spring scale, which is pretty close to the predicted weight by our formula

P = ½ x (70 lbs) = 35 lbs

This is assuming that the pull is smooth and has no friction.

However, there must be some friction and with P measured at 35 lbs,

Conclusion: The plates actually weigh less than we are lead to believe.

Apparatus # 2 Pulldown

Brand Name Magnum

Description of 2 pulleys

Apparatus Commonly used for bicep curls

# pulleys 2 movable pulley

M.A. 2

Trial  (lbs) 50 lbs

Notes Measured 30 lbs on spring scale, which is greater than the force of pull as predicted by our formula

P = ½ x (50 lbs) = 25 lbs

This is assuming that the pull is smooth and has no friction.

However, there must be some friction making more force required to pull the weight.

Conclusion: The plates may actually weigh less than we are lead to believe.

Apparatus # 3: Pull ups

Brand Name: Life Fitness

Description of: 3 lines of pull attached to load, 1 line as free end pulling down

Apparatus: Can be used for bicep pull ups

# pulleys: 2 pulleys

M.A.: 1

Trial  (lbs): 50 lbs

Notes: Measured 52 lbs on spring scale, which is almost the same force of pull indicated by the weights.

This is assuming that the pull is smooth and has no friction.

Conclusion: The manufacturers of this apparatus designed the machine to accurately measure the force exerted. Meaning that the user is actually lifting (almost exactly) the amount of weight selected with the pins.

Apparatus # 4: Wheelchair accessible

Brand Name: Uppertone

Description of: lever systems

Apparatus: Can be used for upper body workouts, like the chest and arms, for people in wheel chairs

# pulleys: N/A

M.A.: N/A

Trial  (lbs): 30 lbs. The weight could vary depending on how the lever was oriented.

Notes: When the axis of rotation changes, the required force to move the weight changes.

Conclusion: The manufacturers of this apparatus designed it differently from traditional weight machines. The user can increase or decrease the required force by changing the axis for the levers, whereas most other machines will do so by changing the weight plates. By increasing the force arm, we decreased the force required to lift the weight- from 22 lbs to 5 lbs.

A Quicky: Something That Made Me LOL

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“I have a Korean friend, when she is happy, I tell her that she is being south Korean today. when she is mad, I say shes being north Korean today.”

I saw this on the cooking channel at the gym today. I laughed out loud and had to stop running, I almost feel off the machine. I know this is kinda race sensitive but if we can’t laugh at stuff like this, why are we taking life so seriously. I think laughter and humor cures all. I’m Asian and I think this is funny, laugh with me because I know the host of the cooking show who said this didn’t mean for it to be harmful.


Me being Asian. My eyes are open, just trying really hard to see the camera lens
Me being Asian. My eyes are open, just trying really hard to see the camera lens

Mariner’s Ridge Hike

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IMG_1154 IMG_1155IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1156

Went on a super legit hike with some friends today, it’s called Mariner’s Ridge (or Kaluanui Ridge Trail), and it’s a ridge line that connects to  the Ko’olau summit. Follow Kaluanui road all the way up and park before the dead end. There is a shingled house on the right, that a lot of folks call the “gingerbread house.” There is a “No Tresspassing” sign at the entrance to the trail… (O.o) dangerous. IMG_1160

We stumbled through some areas where the ground was a complete web of tree roots that were surfacing; creating a plexus of bark under our feet.


This hike has all different types of terrain compiled into one awesome workout. We started off with a dirt path, with brush and bushes on either side.


Then we went into forestry. This is the first hawaii hike I’ve done that had legit pine trees. The pine needles faced all directions off of the tree branches. Not much of the pine tree smell I’m used to experiencing in California.

Then the hike led into more of an open dirt path. I see draping valleys of greenery on either side of me as I’m standing atop the ridge line of the mountain.

Through some jungle like forest, I snapped a photo–now this is what most hawaii hikes I’ve been on have looked like.

Here and there, we happened across points that we could see different parts of the island. I have some semi-successful attempts at panoramic shots of the mountains and ocean.

IMG_1163 IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1167

About 40 minutes up the mountain and we reached a clearing with a full 360 degree view from atop the mountain. When I realized there was no more trail is when we made the conclusion that we had reached the top!


We opened up our bags and pulled out some drinks & snacks we had swooped from our Safeway pitstop on the way to the hike.



After taking several photos, I sat down, drank my beer, and then we began our descent back down!


New findings.

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Spent the morning in the UH fitness center with my strength & conditioning program design class.

We studied the mechanical advantages of fitness apparatuses commonly found in strength training facilities, and I discovered that my life up to this point has all been a lie!!!

Details and photos soon to come….



“Learns that workout equipment is cheating our workouts- biomechanics engineer”

A little insight into the inner workings of a Geminian unicorn.

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The third sector of the zodiac, Gemini is all about intelligence and communication. You’re born under this sign and have a talent for and love of using your minds and expressing yourself fully.

As a Gemini, you are a bower bird, mentally, and take an interest in all sorts of different things. Anything that gets your mind ticking over will grab you. You constantly try to challenge your mental abilities and will make extra efforts to understand anything you put your mind to.

You can’t understand why other people don’t feel the same way. To you, this kind of stimulation is your life blood. Anyone who engages you in quick-witted and thoughtful banter will win your heart for sure.

Some great communicators are born under your sign — actresses Helen Hunt and Marilyn Monroe, for instance. Like them, you take interest in anything that requires a little brain power. Reading and ferreting out information on the Internet are a perfect way for you to unwind. Communication would have to be one of your favorite pastimes.

Taking up acting classes wouldn’t be a bad idea either, even if you don’t fancy yourself as an Emmy Award winner. Meeting new people and sharing your thoughts and feelings with them is enough of a blast for you.

Not all Geminis have brains on the brain, though. Anna Kournikova, the tennis superstar, proves that — she puts her focus into physical exercise. She is a superb tennis player which requires physical dexterity and mental agility as well.

Gemini is also on the top of the list of achievers in sport. But the sport you get into will be one that requires a strategic and intellectual approach. If it doesn’t, it won’t sustain your interest. Tennis, chess, golf and card games like bridge and canasta appeal to you.

If you could be accused of anything, it would be that you spread yourself too thinly, by being interested in too many things. To some people, you seem superficial and flighty. It’s the ‘rolling stone gathering no moss’ thing — doing a bit of this and a bit of that and not getting deeply into any one thing.

You see it differently, of course. To you life is a smorgasbord, and you’re going to taste everything. Trying just one main course, so to speak, isn’t your thing. Variety, diversity and experimentation are some of your key words. And you can always say, ‘At least I’ll never be boring!’

The fact that you take on so much also means you risk wearing yourself out and letting your vitality engine slow down. It is not easy for you to pace yourself, but if you can get your self-discipline working on this, you can achieve more than most. Make sure you have enough fuel in your gas tank to get you to where you want to go.

People always love your company — your adaptability makes you interesting. People are amazed at your versatility, at the way you manage to juggle so many different activities. Is there anything you don’t try your hand at? They wonder.

Learning will always be one of your passions — you don’t believe there’s ever a good time to limit someone’s desire to improve their mind.

You have a great love of the written as well as the spoken word, and will often put pen to paper — or hands to keyboard — to get your own thoughts down. Sometimes this is just so you can work out what you think about a particular issue or event. Lots of journalists, writers, and advisers are Geminis; their way with words is their best tool for making a lasting impression.

You also have a strong connection to travel and short journeys. You’ll often feel restless, and your itchy feet will set you wandering. These journeys may not be long, but there will be plenty of them — you’re always on the go. You are thirsty for new experiences, and even on short journeys or in transit, you’ll throw yourself into meeting new and unusual people.

You’re fascinated by psychology and the way human relationships work, so you will seek a life partner who is as into communication as you are. You will need this sort of person if you are to achieve emotional fulfillment.

You are the type of person friends and relatives turn to for advice on their love life. This has an upside for you too — it helps you understand what’s going on in your own life, romantically speaking.

Geminis seem to grow younger rather than older. Physically, you will maintain a youthful glow, and you will never lose your fun-loving liveliness. You’re really not into that ‘growing old gracefully’ thing.

Vitality and constant stimulation are what you are about. A peaceful old age is definitely not your cup of tea (even if you happen to be over 60).

I just saw a dog get hit by a car.

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Big Boy & I were on our morning stroll in the neighborhood when I spotted a man and his dog on the opposite side of the street. His dog was NOT on a leash. The second she set her eyes on Big Boy, she sprinted straight into the street towards us. A car was flying down the street and hit her in the side. She flew a few feet, and the car came screeching to a halt while the owner was running after his dog. 


Let this be a lesson learned for ALL dog owners out there: KEEP YOUR DOG ON A LEASH. I don’t care how well you think your dog is trained. Wake up and realize the truth: dogs are animals. They have carnivorous instincts that are not under your control. 


This dog that got hit was another pit bull. A beautiful red-nose with clipped ears. I believe that it was because of the size and strength of her breed, that she was able to pick herself up off the street and walk again. I can say, without doubt, that had she been a smaller/weaker breed, she would not have been so lucky to still be alive. 

Wingstop Bro-Date Study Break

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wing stop
wing stop

So while some of us are being productive and doing productive things that coincide with our EDC get-in-shape goals, some of us are not being not productive. And kinda getting fat.

I decided earlier tonight to have a bro-date with my buddy Jose.

What is a bro-date you ask? It is when two bros (male friends who transcends best-friendship, achieving a higher level: Bros) have a non-homosexual hangout session. I will probably do a whole post on Bros in the future.

And to continue my streak of bad eating habits (this morning I also decided to reward my patience by freezing my Asian-ass for 4 hours through the DMV with a big juicy double-double cheese burger from In-N-Out, topped off with a nice warm strawberry doughnut from Krispy Kreme) and have some Wing Stop.

For some of you who do not know, Wingstop is a place where you annihilate chicken wings of all flavors with a side of French-fries. It’s kinda like Hooters . . . but there no boobs. Actually, there are boobs, but in baggy dark green polo’s instead of being squeezed together, about to pop out of a tight tank-top, boobs.

Boy, were those wings delicious. I had the spicy Cajun lemon chicken flavored wings. Just as the name suggest, it was a Cajun spiced chicken wing with a hint of lemon. And the fries? Crispy, some where a little burnt and slightly over salted . . . just how I like ‘em.

Take that cholesterol.

Along some great conversation with my buddy Jose, it was a great bro-date.

Sadly to say, to go along the theme of aging this weekend, I’m starting to realize that I’m getting old. Not old-man-Eric-Juno old, but just getting older.

Now don’t get me wrong, me getting older doesn’t mean I’m getting more mature. I don’t actually know when that’s gonna happen, but my body cannot handle certain foods at the dark of night anymore. And sometimes my hearing is bad and my back aches.

Now take me away Tums, or Walgreens knock-off brand Tums. Fat-Airec my still live inside me, but old Airecs stomach does not agree (:/)

Oh and P.S. FUCK the DMV.

-Airec Sype.

“Eats flavored antacid tablets, candy substitute”


night running

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I love night running down the middle of an empty street after a fresh rainstorm, makes me feel like I’m in a Nike commercial. = deep thoughts of a Unicorn.