Random Mothers Day Humor

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Friend: Hey Airec, did you call your mother today?

Me: No I didnt.

Friend: Why not!?!

Me: Because it’s Sunday and I’m too broke to buy a phone card to call my mother in China.

Friend: Aw, I’m sorry.

Me: I know, I wish there was some way I could reach her and tell her how much I love her.

Friend: I wish that there was more that I could do to help.

Me: Actually, before I continue this on even further, I just wanna say I’m just kidding around.

Friend: What?!? Pish, I should have known. Phone cards aren’t even that expensive.

Me: Haha, actually another thing; I’m not even Chinese.

Friend: You’re an asshole.

I should have posted this like dayssss ago. But it was a little Mothers Day humor for y’all. I take any chance I get to trick my unknowing friends that I’m one of the vast majority of Asian decent. It’s always fun to be a little tricky (;P)

I would also like to thank my mother, Bo, for being there and supporting me through college and life. I know if it wasn’t for her, and of course my ‘Asian father,’ I would not be where I am now.

So THANK YOU for SPAWNING me mom. If it wasn’t for you the world would not know of Airec Syprasert.

Here is a picture of my family at Thanksgivings. My mother is the beautiful woman in the middle square, double fisting like a fucking champ. Like mother like son right.

my family at thanksgivings
my family at thanksgivings


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