Recovering from festivals in 4 easy steps Sleep,

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koko sleeping and recovering from POP NYE
koko sleeping and recovering from POP NYE

Recovering from festivals in 4 easy steps

Sleep, water/pedialyte, vitamins, talk to your crew as much as possible

1. Sleep:

Yes, it is the number 1 way to recover from the madness, yet it is the activity we are least likely to engage in- because it requires time.

Give yourself the time, you need it. You don’t have to take a week off of work, there are a few simple things you can do to maximize your regularly allotted snooze time. 1. A dark room: dark curtains! Or you can tack a dark sheet/blanket/towel over your window to keep out as much light as possible. Remove any bright lights from your room or cover them with something. Examples: the bright red numbers on your alarm clock, the little red dots that shine out of the TV, DVD player, computers, etc. Believe it or not, those little bright lights can be a distraction. If all else fails- swoop some sleeping pills.

2. Water/pedialyte:

You need a healthy balance of H2O and electrolytes. Don’t pick 1 over the other- you need both. Gatorade or Powerade also replenish electrolytes, but they have loads of sugars & carbs. Those are only appropriate when working out. You don’t need all that when you’re laying in bed~ just need the good ol’ electrolytes.

3. Vitamins:

Choose a well-rounded multi-vitamin, make sure you have a high percentage of iron and calcium in there. If you’re feeling extra sore from all the dancing and running around, get some extra supplements. Potassium will help with those crazy muscle spasms, and L-Glutamine assists muscle recovery. The body needs to be restocked on vitamins and minerals after the crazy shenanigans that took place. Be good to your body~ you only get 1!

4. Your crew:

If you’re like me, then you have 2,000+ miles and the Pacific Ocean separating you from your raging crew. Don’t fret! The beauty of technology is that it’ll make you feel like you’re right next to your friends again! Utilize the basics~ texts, phone calls, snapchat….you can even get extra techy and organize some group google+ hangouts. In order to beat that lingering grey rain cloud that’s following you around, talk to your friends! Reminisce on all the memories, flip through the photos and videos, and start making plans for the next event.


PEDCSD is no joke my friends. It’s a serious condition that, if not treated properly, will have a negative impact on your whole life.

Lets rave safely.


“or do what I did and drink a bunch of Gatarade and sleep for 20 hours” – Airec

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