Month: August 2013

Slaying Unicorns with KhoMha and Project 46 at TORQ SF

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A misadventure of Airec with KhoMha and Project 46

The Misadventures Airec

I can finally scratch off KhoMha from my ColdHarbour DJs-to-see list after attending TORQ last Thursday. This TORQ event was a triple header, or I guess you can say quadruple since the headlining DJs are a duo, with KhoMha opening the decks for Project 46 and The Aston Shuffle closing.

KhoMha, a 21 year old DJ from Colombia, started off with a long but familiar beat, gearing up the crowd for his hit “Mind Gamer”. Trust me, it was a lengthy intro but it did not disappoint. Once “Mind Gamer” was kicked in full gear, so were the club-goers. The crowd just started jumping, not knowing whether to fist-pump or to hold ‘em by their side to keep their balance as they thrust into the air. The next track tugged the heart strings of the crowd as well as their vocal cords as fans sang along to the acapella of…

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Speeding Slowed Down By Boobs In Denmark (NSFW)

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WARNING: Video is not safe for work and contains nudity.

As every adrenaline junky knows, speeding in cars (although fun, it’s not safe at all) is a sure way for someone to get their heart racing (no pun intended). Which apparently is a huge problem for the citizens in Denmark. Luckily, the State bordering Germany have found a cure to their problem: topless women.

In this video, Denmark police has enlist the help of some trusty, and busty (;P), women to help with this problem.

As Heidi, one of the brave woman in the video holding up a sign reminding drivers the speed limit, tells us (in a sassy manner while still holding an authoritative tone), she’s just doing her job to ensure the safety of walking patrons by making sure drivers are downshifting their stick-shift . . . well hopefully they’re grabbing the right stick, to the appropriate speed.

However, a new problem arises from this topless-solution . . . and I’m not just talking about the problem in drivers’ pants. Drivers now are no longer speeding, they are stopping the flow of traffic. These topless women are now stopping traffic! Who would have thought, right?

Now is this the answer to Denmark’s speeding problem? I don’t know. But Heidi and her team are defiantly doing their job, and a great one, to slow down traffic. Who knows, maybe if Visalia caught onto this brilliant idea maybe I wouldn’t have a speeding ticket. I mean, who doesn’t love blonde European girls and titties.

            -Hoping you have a safe and slow ride, Sype (;P)