A Bros Insight to ‘Her’: Along with Subconscious Hipsterisms

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Along with subconscious hipsterisms

A few days ago, my bromigo, Jose, and I decided to spend our evening watching the new Spike Jonze film, Her. Now it’s perfectly normal for two heterosexual males to watch a sci-fi romance movie, it’s not gay.

Seriously, not gay; we men have an emotional side too, with feelings and shit.

A Quick Recap of the Movie:

            Written and directed by Spike Jonze, Her is a complicated movie where Theodore Twombly, played by actor Joaquin Phoenix, falls in-love with his operating software, or O.S., after suffering a heart-breaking divorce.

Or according to my inner-bro, Her is a movie where some loser hipster falls in-love with his Apple computer (probably since he’s a hipster and all) that sounds like Scarlett Johansson (and nothing like the realistic Siri, that little smart-mouth-twat) and wants to bang it but can’t and can only creepy and weirdly vocal-bang it.

her status

Broster-view (Broster = Hipster + Bro):

            Let me start off by saying, still not gay.

THE END OF THIS POST CONTAINS PARODY VIDEOS of Her, or you can just skip to the end if you don’t wanna hear a bro complain about #hipsterproblems.

My first reaction to the movie,as ripped from my Facebook comment:

“i like it. it was chill. felt like everyone in the movie shopped at american apparel or urban outfitters. but it was a good movie. i wouldnt watch it again tho. it was too depressing for me. but it does show the true concept and troubles of love. super hipster tho man. like fucking hipster as fuck. but it was done really well and was good. but super fuckin hipster. like emo hipster. but good. but hipster. but also really good. i hope this redundant review of the movie helped you. just fuckin watch it.”

But anyways, Her is surprisingly a very good movie. Yeah, it’s kinda weird (pretty fucking weird actually), but it’s a good movie. It has a very hipster-esk quality to it. Everyone has mustaches and looks as if everyone shopped at American Apparel or Urban Outfitters. Seriously, not a bro was in sight. I didn’t know that in the future, Hipster-Apparel has dominated the clothing market and people only wore high wasted slacks with a fully buttoned-up shirt. And oh yeah, EVERYONE HAS A MUSTACHE!

And don’t even get me started on the computers. It looks as if Apple had defeated the P.C.s in the great computer war in the future. I mean, the movie did not specify what kinda computer that universe was using, but it sure as hell looked like G.D. Apple.

Despite this whole complex-futuristic-concept of a man trying to finger-bang (as well as cock-bang) his O.S., it does raise some important philosophical questions about love. I wouldn’t say it’s a new concept since movies like Weird Science and Catfish had previously explored this “Man loves Computer” theme. Well, Catfish might be a different scenario since its some lady pretending to be somebody else, but it does have a lonely depressed guy falling in love with a computer screen in the mask of Facebook.

Random tangents aside, the question that I was confronted with after seeing this movie is if love belonged to just us humans in a form of mind and flesh, or is it a more universal emotion that only requires the ability of thought and desire?

I personally do not know the answer to that question because there has been relationships in the world that have been solely built on online dating and weird World of Warcraft marriages and shit. And I don’t really know jack-shit about love.

Here is what my friend Cameron has to say about the movie:

“i really liked Her. i feel like it spoke to something inside of me, on a more primal level about what it really means to connect with other beings and how limited our minds can be when it comes to who we decide to connect with/let into our lives, and what defines a true genuine connection for that matter as well.”

Aside from the hipster-accepted-form-of-insanity-love in the movie (if you saw the movie you would get that last jumble of words), some awkward parts in this movie are the sex scenes. When Twombly first have online sex (which reminds me of a not-so-distant-past of AOL Instant Messenger “cybering”) in a chat room, you are left kinda freaked out after a cat gets thrown into the mix, followed by tears of either joy or subconscious unresolved sexual problems. It was definitely weird, but funny. But weird fosho. It was also super hipster tho. I could imagine some hipster people drinking PBR in a tiny apartment in the Mission saying, “Wouldn’t it be funny if you can have online sex with a girl and her cat somehow gets involved.” And especially the first sex scene between the A.I., Samantha, and Twombly, it’s super uncomfortable and a little over the top. Sure Samantha is voiced by the blonde bombshell Scarlett Johansson, but . . . but . . . WE DON’T EVEN GET SIDE BOOB OR ANY BODY PARTS OF JOHANSSON!!! ALL WE GET IS JOAQUIN PHOENIX FACE CLIMAXING!!!

But speaking of hot chicks, I didn’t realize that Amy Adams is Amy. Yea, I realize how ironic the characters name is now. This is due to Adams blonde hair in the movie instead of her natural red. But never-the-less, she’s still pretty hot. She kinda looks like the hipster girl of my dreams, high wasted jeans and all.

All-in-all, Her is a good movie but I probably wouldn’t see it again. I could live without hearing Joaquin Phoenix make sex noise again, and I deff don’t wanna bang my computer.

Some Awesome Parodies of Her:

My favorite parody is with Johan Hill on Saturday Night Live called Me.

I love the awkwardness of Johan Hill mixed in with super awkwardness of trying to bang your computer; it just makes it super fucking awkward. And the ending scene with Michael Cera nails it. This could almost be better than the movie. It made my favorite line of the movie (the whole “love is like a socially accepted form of insanity blah blah blah”) seem super stupid. Ah, now you see that world jumble I had earlier. And man, that Cera robot-sexy-dance is one pimp move I gotta try on the ladies; panties droppin in no time.

This parody is called Him and is produced by Paul Gale Comedy. Instead of Johan Hill, we have Seth Rogen’s voice in this one and with a more stoner feel. It’s like Pineapple Express had sex (real or computer) with Her and birth this. Again, this parody makes fun of the great hipster stuff that Her has, including that insanity line.

I’m sure you can find more parody online of Her. But anywho, like always, you don’t have to take my word pho it. Just watch the movie yourself and see what you think. I mean, I saw it and I like it. But it still doesn’t mean my bro side can just forget about all the hipsterness of the movie. Iono, just watch the effin movie.

-Hope you have a good one, Sype

PS, don’t try to bang your computer, I don’t think Apple care supports damages done by your dick.

PPS, either via phone or AIM, we all cybered once in our life. Don’t deny it.

PPPS, don’t bang your computer, Apple doesn’t have a warranty for that crazy shit and you might cut your junk up.

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