David Guetta Tripping Ballz or Lost by Divorce

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By Airec Sype

So everyone has seen this video right? David Guetta staring off into a sea of people as he gets lost in the surreal reality of Tomorrowland (2014), looking likes he’s tripping balls as he’s about to drop Major Lazer – Watch Out for This . . . TOOOOO FUNNY!

My friends and I couldn’t get enough of it. We commented and laughed, pressed replay and laughed some more. Then we tried to come up with ideas on why Guetta had that bewildered look on his face that humiliating day. Of course we thought it was a simple case of druggitis.

an image that has been floating around on the internet, not my creation
an image that has been floating around on the internet, not my creation

However, as I was looking for a video to post online, I stumbled upon this bit of information on the comment section of YouTube.

I actually feel kinda bad now . . .
I actually feel kinda bad now . . .

Then my curiosity somehow (like always) defeated my will to sleep and I did a little digging.

And sadly I found out it was true!!! How did the world not know this?!?! Or at least if some people did know this depressing information, why are they still laughing?!?! Is the EDM world not a world built upon caring, and especially to one of its own?!?!?

I found a story on Huffington Post confirming that David and Cathy Guetta have called it quits after 20 years of marriage. How much money is she taking him for? I don’t know. But H.P. states that he is worth over $30 million.

You may hate this man for selling out or having predictable sets, but you have to at least admire his success and his (mainstream and predictable) semi-kinda-maybe-if-I’m-in-the-right-mood fun kind-of sets. No one should go through a divorce, let alone have it occur a few days before one of the biggest EDM events in the world.

Now when I look at this video that (with the help with the hate for David Guetta) has made it viral, I no longer know if he’s tripping ballz or just lost by the dark clouds of events that had just transpired before Tomorrowland 2014. Sh*t, if I had to guess, it probably would be a little bit of “I’m pretty blitzed out of my mind because I’m at one of the biggest parties in the world and my wife just left me” and “my wife who coordinates my events of 20 years just left me.” Iono for sure.

So after you watch this video numerous of times on repeat, while laughing your ass off with your friends, while making fun of Guetta, just remember that despite the massive amounts of money and “alright” live sets that he is human too with human ups and (in this video documented case) downs. It’s easy to jump the gun and assume something; especially with celebrities.

Till next time!

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