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Chris Evens and Jeremy Renner Offends the Internet with ‘Slut’ Comments

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By Airec Sype

The Internet is offended again with recent comments from Marvel superstars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner (if you didn’t already know: Captain America and Hawkeye) when asked about Black Widow’s fictional-flip-flopping relationship with the two superheros.

I don’t really follow press junkets or movie promo-tours, but this one recently caught my attention after seeing it on BuzzFeed. This touchy subject matter also ties in with my last post about SNL “Teacher Trail” skit and how the Internet was also angry in pants.

Some people called them “assholes” and even renounced their love and appreciation for the two men. If you want to see some of the pissed off people via Twitter, check out Uproxx post here.

Yet not everyone was preparing pitch-forks and lighting torches. BuzzFeed shows some people who didn’t find it so offensive and calling it a “joke.” Yes, some were women; and of course YouTuber’s also chimed in with their rants.

sexist joke avengers

With the Internet ablaze, Evans and Renner apologized for their comments and said that it was “tasteless” and “immature.”

Are you happy now internet, will you see Avengers: Age of Ultron again?

I understand why people were upset with their comments: these two white men of power thought it was OK to use slut-shamming words despite the fact that it was a joke.

Damn, if this is the state of the world that we’re in today where we can’t make jokes then how do we laugh at things. America really does like being offended in everything. The two men didn’t mean any malice with their words.

Let’s be real here, if Captain America and Hawkeye were really there and you asked those two fictional men about how they feel about a woman bouncing from the two of them then I’m sure they would not be pleased. It’s like finding out your ex is now hooking up with another one of your bros. Hell yeah I’ll call her a homie hopper.

If you want to dig a little deeper, comic books in America has been really big on sex and slutty outfits. Look at Starfire in the New 52’s or Batman fighting Nightwing shirtless . . . but still with their respected mask on. Sex sells in comic books, and like a sitcom EVERYONE hooks up with each other.

Was it sexist? Yeah. However, if a promiscuous man was sleeping around, he’s a douche-bag or a whore right!?!?! He has no respect for woman so we should call him names right? Then is that sexist?

Whatever I guess. This is just one Asian straight male opinion on the whole situation. I could be wrong in this economics of free ideas. I’m not saying that we should go around slut-shamming woman. But sometimes when you get your heartbroken certain words that degrades a specific gender will slip out.

If you completely don’t agree with me then check out Jen Yamato article on defending Black Widow.

Just respect each other out there and don’t take things out of context. I know I’ll be seeing this awesome movie this opening weekend.

Till next time, Sype.

SNL Offends EVERYONE on the Internet with Teacher Rape Skit

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By Airec Sype

The internet was lit on FIRE when Saturday Night Live premiered their skit, “Teacher Trail,” last week which displayed a fictional trail of a teacher who is accused of having sex with a student.

I’m usually a MadTV fan, but once in awhile I’ll come across a SNL skit that I didn’t find too over-the-top-witty and just damn right funny. This was one of those moments.

After watching the skit and hearing the outrage of the moms of Twitter, I didn’t find it offensive at all. It was just a satire on these hot female teacher rape cases (AKA every prepubescent boy-who-has-ever-watched-porn dreams). I mean, I wish I had sex with the cheer-leading coach when I was in high school, but I guess that rite is reserved for the chosen ones.

Harry Shuldman of the NYPost called the skit “tasteless” in his article. He provides some example of the angry tweets about the comedic portrayal of a boy statutory rape. The examples claimed the skit to be “not funny” or just “wrong” because of the rape subject.

Uproxx has even more examples of offended people in their article concerning this controversial skit. But if you scroll down to the comment section of the piece, many commenters were not offended and shared a chuckle or two. Dan Del Aguaro simply said, “Oh get over it, it was hilarious.”

I’ve talked about this before, the thin line between comedy and offense in my SorryAsianParents blog. It’s true that there is a fine line between those two and that’s where the comedy lies: in between the cracks, exposing truth and humor. It simply comes down to intent of offense. Was SNL trying to offend people with their skit? No, probably not. Did they glorify rape for every teenaged boys fantasy? Hell yeah!

No wonder everyone claims that Americans like to be offended. It’s actually #101 on the Stuff White People Like blog.

Let’s get it right here, rape is bad. But is it wrong when a teen boy finally gets to bang that hot-teacher-that-every-boy-wants-to-bang-stamping-his-name-in-the-high-school-fraternity’s-history? Yeah, there’s no right way to do it actually. But let’s not pretend the boy whom hand is now broken from all the high fives isn’t also guilty. Unless the victim accused the teacher of unsolicited advances . . . well it’s actually still rape, but all those high fives doe.

Getting off point here. SNL is just a comedy group trying to comment on today’s society. “Teacher Trail” was not “tasteless” and it was done in a good manner. Cecily Strong portrayal of the teacher the right on the money as she portrayed her character like . . . well a school girl, in lust. Pete Davidson was right to be a gloating teenager because if Strong was my teacher, I . . . actually wouldn’t know what to do because I’m a scared lil Asian boy. The judge and father in the skit also represents how some phallic-centric-masculine-America feels when a teenage boy slashes a hot teachers gash.

Don’t get mad at SNL for how they portrayed their “truth” of this crisis in America. If you want to point the finger at someone then point it at the teachers who are betraying their code of conduct and the American judicial system for giving hot female teachers light sentences. Like in Denise Keesee case in Oregon, who received only 30 days for having sex with a 16-year-old.

Figure out who’s really at fault here when you form your lynching mobs. Leave comedians out of this fight, and if you can’t handle the(ier) truth then stop watching comedy.

Till next time, Sype

Here is a bonus of the names the kid was called in the skit, provided by GoldenTrawick of YouTube:

The man
Luckiest guy ever
My hero
Lil pimp
Lil baller
The one
Good year pimp
Fred Pimp-Stone
Ren and Pimpy
King of the Teachers
After school special
Teacher’s petter
The boy who lived
Gavin the Great
Magic the Gavining
Supercalifragilistic-this be such a dope kid
He who has sex with teachers

Interneting in Real Life: Collegehumor shows us how to not leave Facebook

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By Airec Sype.

“Not everybody wants to share the painful details of their lives.”

“Oh really? You ever heard of Facebook?”

-The Odd Couple (2015)

CollegeHumor just released a video this week that hyperbolizes the annoyance of someone leaving the popular social online universe of Facebook by placing their departure in #RealLife.

I’m not talking about the “I’m turning off my Facebook for finals” person. I’m talking about that egotistic a-hole or b-word announcing to the world how much better of a person they are for choosing to leave a narcissistic social hub because they feel that they are better than everyone else . . . who ironically they consider their “friends.” WEEE all have that one friend on Facebook who thinks of themself as having a demigod-like-intellect, let’s admit it. And not all of them are hipsters, just some of them.

This kinda of reminds me of the people who only drink wine as they eat fancy French cheese, or people who obnoxiously throw their vacation in your face. Yeah, I know you went to Italy, but don’t coincidentally bring up how exotic the trip was or how great the pasta tasted when I ask if you wanna eat at Olive Garden.

Just don’t blame Facebook for everyone’s problems or validate your own shortcomings with the F.B. (fun buddy) addiction. It’s not this program’s fault that you can’t keep off it during dinner and social gatherings. I love it, you can share information, keep tabs on old friends and victories of old high school rivals, and let’s not forget that F.B. can help you do recon on that new crush of yours (AKA creeping). Everyone Facebook flirts, it’s just a rite of passage.

So if you’re going to leave Facebook, just provide a means to contact you and leave it be. Don’t write about how much better a person of the world you are for not being a slave to social media. You could just as easily turn your phone off or make that personal phone call instead of commenting on someone’s wall. It just seems like attention whoring if you write a whole speech on how different you are from everybody else.

Like at the end of the CollegeHumor video, I’ve definitely seen some friends return to Facebook after some kind of big news happens so he/she could brag about it to the world. Yeah, nonchalantly coming back to show the world your ring or new baby after that sweet witty departure, not narcissistic at all bro/hoe. Weeeee all do it, it’s human nature to want to announce to the world about your trials and victories. And yeah, some of it might come off as bragging. Leaving Facebook makes you no better than anyone else, the only difference is that you no longer have an app on your phone.

Also, if you’re leaving Facebook for another social media platform, please don’t brag about it like its the new MySpace. You just seem like a fucking douche-bag trying to one-up us the “sheep” of society. Now that would be hipster.

-Till next time, Sype.

Coaching the Reach-Around

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By Airec Sype.

A wrestling coach in CREIGHTON, MO, was accused of having sex with a student . . . it seems like this ole song and dance has been popping up more frequently these days.

But before you cringe and picture some old creepy man putting his hands on some hot barely legal teen that’s straight out of a porno, lets look at the accused from a pic that I’m ripping off of KTCV5:

she’s a wrestling coach? hmm . . .

This lady here is Megan Baker, 25 years of age, and her victim is a 17 year-old male. I first caught this story off of UPROXX. Although can we really call the boy a victim if he was clearly “bragging about it” to all of his bros about how he banged his wrestling coach on a school bus.

Here are some funny comments relating to this story:

yay! comments!!!
yay! comments!!!

I hear ya Yogi, I would have swiped right as well. But I don’t really have high standards for girls and anything positive in my life anyways. We had a girl on our wrestling team when I was there, but this one here is much cuter. Or I guess any girl is cute when you’re surrounded a bunch of half-naked guys.

Iono, maybe she was trying to show this kid a rear naked choke, or the scissor. There a bunch of new wrestling moves now-a-days. I hear the scissor is a frequent move in some alternative types of combat videos.

I don’t feel bad for this kid tho; the victim card was no longer liable after the 5th high five. Talk about ending your season with a bang right! Stupid kid should have kept his mouth shut. But then again, what did she expect banging a high school kid. High school boys are idiots and will shoot their mouths off the moment something epic happens . . . and this kid just experienced about a quarter of the porns out there!

The other scenarios to this story could be that the boy forced himself onto her? He’s a wrestler; he probably knows some enticing moves like the 69 or flying V. Wrestlers are pretty strong. There must be something wrong if a ok-but-not-hot looking girl like her can’t get guys her age. It’s not that hard getting a horny guy into you.

In all seriousness, I hope no one was violated and hurt. I can only end this with a nice South Park gif.