The Rise of The Fuckgirl

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This is true


Let’s cut the sexism. This fuckery exists in both genders.

Fuckgirl exists too. 

FullSizeRender-1What is a fuckgirl?

A fuckgirl is a girl that loves to play games and seeks pleasure out of breaking guys’ hearts.   She is sly, sneaky, smart, and manipulative and knows exactly what she wants and how to get it.  She wants all of a guy’s attention without the commitment of a relationship. Once she has conquered a man, she drops him like nothing ever happened, and moves on to the next.  Why? Because it’s just no fun anymore. Often, you can find her juggling several different men at once.  She obviously does whatever the fuck she wants and doesn’t give a fuck about who’s feelings she hurts in the process.


Of course, there are different levels of fuckgirls. There are those with morals, there are those without morals, and there are the ones in between. For example, the ones without…

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