Drinking Fireball out of water cups at Jack in the Box on Geary St in San Francisco . . . classy
Drinking Fireball out of water cups at Jack in the Box on Geary St in San Francisco . . . classy

Howdy yall, my name is Airec Syprasert. My name is pronounced Eric. Yes, I know it isn’t the traditional way of spelling Eric, but it is how I spell Airec. I’m the Asian guy on the right. My buddy on the left is Koleana Kai McGuire, or Koko for short. This here, what you have stumbled upon, is our little project, our comedy blog. After many long nights of chatting on Facebook, spamming the crap out of our walls, pissing off our friends with countless notifications, we finally decided to create our own comedy blog. The little monster that we have created will be the creative projects that spawn out of our dark minds. From what I can tell you (or assume because I can’t speak for her since she is doing her philosophy homework), the things that Koko will post are going to be charming, cute, quirky and of course funny. The stuff that I’m going to produce will kind of make you cringe and question whether you should laugh or be offended . . . also witty and funny. The hopes of this project are to bring some smiles to a few faces while tickling some bellies. We hope that . . . No, we know that our ridiculous retelling of antics and adventures, mixed in with some funny conversations and pictures, will bring forth laughter and haunt your mind forever. So sit back and enjoy our blog, because we know we’re going to enjoy writing it.


Yoyo! Koko here. What a friendly introduction from Sype =) IDK what else to say…haha. Start with the basics I guess? For the moment, I live in South Africa. I’m a Peace Corps volunteer (a life-long dream of mine). I studied Kinesiology at UH, which basically allowed  me to pursue my passion of working out, and surround myself with others who suffer from the same obsessions over fitness and sexiness. Airec is one funny fother mucker, we manage to keep each other laughing for hours on end. It was only a matter of time before we took our comedy public. It would be selfish to keep all this hilariousness under wraps. Airec was a writing major, so he fully enjoys writing, telling stories, and keeping people entertained. Me on the other hand…I’m actually not that funny. I’m just really mean, and people think that I’m joking. I’m fully eccentric and slightly offensive with a lot of the statements I make…but hey! Who gives a fudge, right?


Where does our writing come from? We use various forms of communication and media. Our rants & conversations are had through FB chatting, Whatsapp, blogging and Twitter. When you see our conversations posted in our blog, they may be pulled from any of those sources and shared with you for your entertainment. Things we rant about most often: current events. Things happening in the news, media, or even just within our group of friends. Political, economical, and social controversies. If there’s anything going on in the world, we probably have an opinion about it and delight in engaging in some intellectual intercourse.

“Stops writing in a journal and starts a blog- blogger.”

Happy reading!


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