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Just a Thought: ‘ize’ vs. ‘ise’

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Just a random thought while trolling on the internet (which is something I’ve been doing a lot lately since school is out and I have a bunch of free time in-between my two jobs).

I read a ridiculous conversation on Humor Couch about British vs. American English. The British are complaining about how Americans spell things differently. The English (that decided to speak out on Humor Couch) are complaining that Americans were doing it wrong.

There was a dispute over the Americans way of spelling things. Such as color vs. colour. Or the use of ‘ize’ over ‘ise.’

Of course the way Americans and the British speak are different, so the way things are spelled are going to be different. It depends on the speller I guess.

Like the word ‘spelt.’ I personally like this word over ‘spelled.’

There were some some good points, there were some bad points; and there were some smart points, and there were some stupid points. Points everywhere.

Although I personally thought it was a ridiculous conversation, I found it humorous that two different groups people who uses the almost-same-language are arguing on who is right and who is wrong in this pissing contest.

One of the funniest comments was “my iphone that was developed by Steve Jobs says your wrong.” An obvious Apple purist stating his point. Then a funny rebuttal from a Brit was “*you’re”
But in the end, the only thing that popped into my mind was that if the British wanted their spelling so bad they should have won the war.

Here is the link to the comments that I was talking about.

Trying to not offend anyone and just let you into my crazy mind,

-Sype     \(^.^)/

PS. I know I have bad spelling and grammar, I’m working on it. My Enggurish is vurry gud.


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It’s the last week of the semester, so you know what that means: IT’S FINALS WEEK!!!!


For some reason I, like many other college students, decided that it was a smart idea to save all of our work for the last week of the semester. Well I, like the other college kids who fallowed in this master game plan, may have overestimated my cramming ability.

I think this “33 Stages of Finals Week” article from BuzzFeed (a humor website) speaks for my emotions right now:

Numbers 1-4 really hits close to home. Well, actually, all of 1 through 33 hits close to home.

So, now its come to this. CRAMMING!

Even though I’ve told myself numerous of times in the past that I will no longer continue this trend of Red-Bull-and-coffee-with-espresso-upon-espresso-shots-drinking-college-students-of-America, I continue to find myself in this situation.

Here is a humorous video from a video-blogger Jimmy Tarto, from his YouTube channel “Life According to Jimmy,” that’s a hilarious, YET surprisingly realistic, skit onto college finals week.

Well, I think it’s time that I get off WordPress and back to my finals/essays.

Pray for me that I can survive and pass college so that I will no longer have to stress through this routine of finals week.



P.S., here is another funny YouTube video on the pains, pleasures, grief, and relief of the terrifying beast of FINALS WEEK!!!

Random Mothers Day Humor

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Friend: Hey Airec, did you call your mother today?

Me: No I didnt.

Friend: Why not!?!

Me: Because it’s Sunday and I’m too broke to buy a phone card to call my mother in China.

Friend: Aw, I’m sorry.

Me: I know, I wish there was some way I could reach her and tell her how much I love her.

Friend: I wish that there was more that I could do to help.

Me: Actually, before I continue this on even further, I just wanna say I’m just kidding around.

Friend: What?!? Pish, I should have known. Phone cards aren’t even that expensive.

Me: Haha, actually another thing; I’m not even Chinese.

Friend: You’re an asshole.

I should have posted this like dayssss ago. But it was a little Mothers Day humor for y’all. I take any chance I get to trick my unknowing friends that I’m one of the vast majority of Asian decent. It’s always fun to be a little tricky (;P)

I would also like to thank my mother, Bo, for being there and supporting me through college and life. I know if it wasn’t for her, and of course my ‘Asian father,’ I would not be where I am now.

So THANK YOU for SPAWNING me mom. If it wasn’t for you the world would not know of Airec Syprasert.

Here is a picture of my family at Thanksgivings. My mother is the beautiful woman in the middle square, double fisting like a fucking champ. Like mother like son right.

my family at thanksgivings
my family at thanksgivings


New Upbeat Music! With A Little Clapping

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“almost every upbeat song starts with white people clapping”

That is the top comment to BOY‘s song “Little Numbers.” I’m not going to dispute this claim; I enjoy White people clapping to a happy-go-lucky-song as much as the next person. Every upbeat indie-pop song I know, or almost every indie-pop song, I can’t really make a clear judgement right now since it’s wayyyyyy late (or early depending on what time you see 1:27am to be) right now and I just got done reading two essays on criticism.

But anywho, that comment just made me laugh and think about that Dave Chappelle skit with John Mayer and White people dancing to a guitar. Ahh, I’m getting off topic here. Rather it be White people clapping or dancing, this song by BOY is really really good. It makes me wanna jump up and out of my computer chair and clap (along with the inner White boy inside of me) to the beat and dance around my room.

Of course I can’t because my roommate is sleeping. Although he is White, I’m sure he’s not gonna like a 180 pound Asian panda stumbling around the room clapping and attempting to dance. (We all know how uncoordinated I am when it comes to dancing. Unless we’re playing DDR then that’s a different story.)

So if you gotsss the time, give this song a listen. BOY is a German/Swiss duo compose of singer Valeska Steiner, who is Swiss, and bassist Sonja Glass, who is German. (a note from myself, I think German and Swiss girls are really attractive ;P)

The music video is very lively and entertaining. I know I enjoyed it sitting in my chair typing. And from the loud snores of my roommate, he enjoyed it too.

Laters Ya’ll, Sypes

-PS, I don’t mean to offend anyone. I just find some blunt-borderline-racist comments like that funny.

A Quicky: Something That Made Me LOL

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“I have a Korean friend, when she is happy, I tell her that she is being south Korean today. when she is mad, I say shes being north Korean today.”

I saw this on the cooking channel at the gym today. I laughed out loud and had to stop running, I almost feel off the machine. I know this is kinda race sensitive but if we can’t laugh at stuff like this, why are we taking life so seriously. I think laughter and humor cures all. I’m Asian and I think this is funny, laugh with me because I know the host of the cooking show who said this didn’t mean for it to be harmful.


Me being Asian. My eyes are open, just trying really hard to see the camera lens
Me being Asian. My eyes are open, just trying really hard to see the camera lens

Tosh.0 Shares with us Bros Posing as Hoes

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I was browsing Facebook and I stumbled upon this funny video clip from Daniel Tosh’s show Tosh.0 of guys mimicking various poses that girls do in Instagram pictures. It’s quite funny. I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those normal red-blooded males who thinks some girls are hot even as they do the duck-face. And I say some of those pictures because not all girls who take those pictures are as attractive as they “pose out” to be. I’m not going to lie and say that those demeaning pictures make them unattractive. If they’re hot then they’re hot! Who am I to take away from their hotness, I’m just an Asian kid behind a computer screen. But after seeing this video, I have a whole new, and scary, image in my head when I see “sexy” Instagram pictures; a scary image that, thanks to Daniel Tosh, I won’t be able to wash from my memory.

*if the link doesn’t work here it is again:—bros-pose-as-hoes-photos?fb_action_ids=10100644482279748&fb_action_types=og.likes&fb_source=aggregation&fb_aggregation_id=288381481237582

-Airec Sype.