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From Cupcakes and Candy to Big Booty Hoes

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Here is a random conversation that happened on Facebook tonight. It went from Koleana and I talking about our addiction to sweets to whose workout (resistance bands or strip aerobics) can give them a bigger and better butt. Other people chimed in on this conversation. In fact, Koleana’s older sister, Melissa, taught me something new today: Kiki means vagina in Tagolog. Welp, I guess we all learn something new everyday.

Enjoy (;P)

Koleana Kai McGuire

about an hour ago near Honolulu, HI ·

  • I have a confession to make…I’m a cupcakeholic.

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Daniel Mateus Deadly addiction

Airec Syprasert its ok, we can get through this together

Koleana Kai McGuire It’s a serious problem

Airec Syprasert i have a confession to make, im addicted to candy and soda. lets get diabetes together

Jeff- Nalu Barbieto This is old news koleaner lol

Koleana Kai McGuire Jeff – You never see it as an issue, cuz you’re always eating them! Haha

Koleana Kai McGuire I’m a diabetes pusher. I push pastries on people. Hahaha

Airec Syprasert i think someone needs cupcake mail

Airec Syprasert i think the worst is when i eat sour candy and drink 7up at tge sane tune cuz it mixes well together

Koleana Kai McGuire True Life: I’m Addicted To Sweets.

Airec Syprasert what if we had a sweets off. gather all of our fav sweets and tried to eat them in a days sitting

Koleana Kai McGuire Damn, you’re really tryna kill me huh?

Koleana Kai McGuire Is it cuz my blog posts get more views than yours?

Airec Syprasert koleana, u know i care for you, but you gotta remember, you’re still a unicorn. in the end, I’m going to have to slay you one way or another.

Airec Syprasert and ouch! you and ur blog post can get out of here. u know what, why do u do your resistant bands and ill do my stripper aerobics and we will see who gets in better shape

Melissa McGuire Kiki what’s your blog? I would love to read it as long as I’m not in it again -___-

Melissa McGuire I meant kook lol

Melissa McGuire Wow auto correct lol koko!!! Omg lol

Airec Syprasert haha kiki

Melissa McGuire Kiki means vagina in the Philippines lol

Airec Syprasert haha wtf. how do you know this blasphemous language?

Airec Syprasert and dont call her that, she will beat you

Koleana Kai McGuire Bahahaha you guys are hella funny

Koleana Kai McGuire Guaranteed I’ll get my ass cheeks more well defined from my resistance band workouts than you from your stripper aerobics.

Melissa McGuire Sadly she weighs as much as my leg but she could kick my ass! I wouldn’t even be able to our run her I would have to curl up in a ball and protect my face.

Koleana Kai McGuire

Inside the Dark Minds of Koko and Airec

we danced, we blogged, we conquered

Melissa McGuire *out run

Airec Syprasert so you, a lil irish girl, is going to challenge me, a southneast asian boy who some people think is mexican so you know i got the latino booty, to a ass off? face off ass off? is this happening?

Airec Syprasert haha yeah i know melissa, i usually curl up into a ball too when i know koko is coming home and i dont have dinner ready

Koleana Kai McGuire Blasphemous is a big word airec. 11 letters?! I’m proud of you.

Airec Syprasert hey hey hey, i can use big words and big sentences. i only limit myself to 5 words so you can understand

Airec Syprasert im a big boy remember

Koleana Kai McGuire

Candy- The Pack

CAndy By the PAck- really cool song-itz freaky though

Airec Syprasert haha wtf? when did u start video spamming? am i rubbing off on u?

Airec Syprasert

2 Live Crew – Hoochie Mama (HQ + Lyrics)

‎14th track off of the Friday Soundtrack I do NOT own this track, or the picture…See More

Airec Syprasert ^^^ i found the perfect song for you and ur resistance band booty

Buy one get one pho FEEEEE?!?!? They had me at candy
Buy one get one pho FEEEEE?!?!? They had me at candy