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Keep Spreading the PLUR…the Universe appreciates it ;)

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As Bigboy & I headed downstairs for our normal morning walk, we bumped into an elderly gentleman with a shopping cart rummaging through our rubbish cans collecting recyclable bottles. He was startled and froze when he saw me, as if he was doing something wrong. I said “Wait right there, don’t go anywhere!” I ran back upstairs to grab a bag full of recyclables that I had been collecting for weeks in my apartment. With no intention of recycling it myself, I knew that at some point I would find someone to give it to. When I presented the bag to the man, his eyes lit up and he began thanking me repeatedly. I told him no worries, and to have a fabulous day as Bigboy and I continued on our walk. We pranced away and I thought to myself “well there’s my good dead for the day”.

After being at work a few hours, a coworker and I stepped out of the office for a midday snackie. We went to McDonalds, it is conveniently directly across the street. Not much on the menu for us vegetarians, so I ordered a yogurt parfait and 2 chocolate chip cookies (I’m a fatass and I need my sweets-fix).

When the cashier called “order to-go #74!” I walked over and reached for my take out bag. She held onto it as I grabbed for it, holding strong eye contact as she leaned slightly over the counter to tell me softly that she “put an extra cookie in my bag for being so pretty”. I smiled and said she’s a sweetheart, and wished her a happy Aloha Friday.

As we walked back to the office, I made the connection between the two events. When you do something nice for someone with no thoughts of repayment or recompense, the universe appreciates it, and will find a way to give back.

Hope you all are having a magical Friday!!!

—“Recycles bottles=environmentalist”