New Upbeat Music! With A Little Clapping

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“almost every upbeat song starts with white people clapping”

That is the top comment to BOY‘s song “Little Numbers.” I’m not going to dispute this claim; I enjoy White people clapping to a happy-go-lucky-song as much as the next person. Every upbeat indie-pop song I know, or almost every indie-pop song, I can’t really make a clear judgement right now since it’s wayyyyyy late (or early depending on what time you see 1:27am to be) right now and I just got done reading two essays on criticism.

But anywho, that comment just made me laugh and think about that Dave Chappelle skit with John Mayer and White people dancing to a guitar. Ahh, I’m getting off topic here. Rather it be White people clapping or dancing, this song by BOY is really really good. It makes me wanna jump up and out of my computer chair and clap (along with the inner White boy inside of me) to the beat and dance around my room.

Of course I can’t because my roommate is sleeping. Although he is White, I’m sure he’s not gonna like a 180 pound Asian panda stumbling around the room clapping and attempting to dance. (We all know how uncoordinated I am when it comes to dancing. Unless we’re playing DDR then that’s a different story.)

So if you gotsss the time, give this song a listen. BOY is a German/Swiss duo compose of singer Valeska Steiner, who is Swiss, and bassist Sonja Glass, who is German. (a note from myself, I think German and Swiss girls are really attractive ;P)

The music video is very lively and entertaining. I know I enjoyed it sitting in my chair typing. And from the loud snores of my roommate, he enjoyed it too.

Laters Ya’ll, Sypes

-PS, I don’t mean to offend anyone. I just find some blunt-borderline-racist comments like that funny.