Random Texts, KokoandAirec Style

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take some preworkout and stop being a little bitchfriendship like this

It has been awhile since one of us has posted anything, which we’re sorry for. So I (airec) took the time to write down some of the random text messages we corresponded over the weekend, which involves ice-skating, a tween rock show, fitness motivation, and aimless humor that probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone but us.

So enjoy!

Me: Who knew that ice skating without fireball in you is a lot easier; you don’t trip over little kids

Koko: Buuut ice skating with Koko and fireball is way funner!

Me: Iono, going ice skating with this girl, her boyfriend, and the finger blaster does have its benefits

Koko: haha, I love that his name is finger blaster >.<

Me: haha, and you wanted to name him Tecate!!!!

Koko: Hahaha I thought Tecate would be a more appropriate rave name. But Finger Blaster is a funny nick name

Me: I guess that’s more of his bro-rave name #B4L

Koko: What’s my #B4L nickname?

Me: Iono, I like KokoKai. What’s my #B4L nickname?

Koko: Hmmm it’s hard to pick one! What do the bros call you most? Cuz I just call you Asian >.<

Me: Well, we live in a society where you have the power of choice, so pick a nickname for me!

Koko: Asian. Haha (:P)

***(Next Morning)***

Me: Im rly sore 4m an intense cross training session but I want to do interval training. What do I do!?

Koko: Pop some L-glutamine. Take some pre-workout. And STOP BEING A BITCH

Me: I think you and my mom are the only women that I take orders from and that im scared of.

Koko: No need to be scared . . . you know this unicorn is a big softie

Me: (Tears up) I’m glad u respect and embrace my weakness. Please stop.

Koko: I’ll stop when you learn to get dinner on the table on time!!!

Me: Why are you so mean?

Koko: It’s because men have been oppressing us since the beginning of time! It’s time to fight back!

Me: I’m scared.

Koko: Oppression doesn’t feel goo does it?

***(Later on that night)***

Me: I’m at a punk-pop show and they’re so many tweens

Koko: Hands off! No roofies!!!

Me: WTF, how dare you accuse me of such behavior?!?

Koko: Haha well I’ve seen your EDM-harmony dating profile….

Me: Shut up, those are lies.

Koko: Haha

Me: Whatever, you’re leaving off to South Africa anyways

Koko: That just means we gotta make the most of my time left in America!

Me: Stop trying to get me to go to Hawaii

Koko: You know you want to

Me: Stop it, stop Jedi-ing me

Koko: Yup, I am a unicorn with Jedi mind powers