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Daniel Radcliffe Wizard Receptionist

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By Airec Sype.

NYLON Magazine released a video of Harry Potter star, Daniel Radcliffe, as their receptionist earlier this week. The British actor (for lack of a better word) acted as their receptionist for an hour because he sure as hell wasn’t good at the job. Radcliffe even pointed out his shortcomings when he stated: “Yes, I am very new and very shit.”

When Radcliffe first took his temp-position behind the desk, not many people recognized the man of Gryffindor. But it didn’t take long for someone to notice the magic IRL. Then just as someone would expect, the office girls (and some boys) went nuts after they realized that their new Brit is the legendary wizard himself.

TheEllimst had the best comment on the YouTube page: “You’re a receptionist Harry.” Well, I guess he kind of was one. Due to his poor performance, I’m sure he would have gotten fired within minutes of his first day. This kinda makes you think of all the jobs out there that seems easy to us but in reality are a little difficult to do. Like the host position at my restaurant. Sometimes those poor kids, mainly Irish kids, are just thrown into the chaos! It’s kinda-sorta funny to watch them fail. Seating people seems easy, but holy hell do they have to do some sh*t. You could see towards the end of the video Radcliffe shouting for Lauren’s help. I bet this is one of those situations where he wished that he had his magic wand for help.

Here’s to hoping that Anna Kendrick will pop up at my restaurant to play a host, Sype.