Entourage Honest Trailer Adds to the Hype

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By Airec Sype.

After waiting for about an eternity, Entourage (the movie) finally hits the big screen this weekend. I’m sure an eternity isn’t calculated by my own self-centered judgement of time, but for a little bro (such as myself) it feels like forever. Why am I super stoked on this movie? Well, it has everything: bros, girls, debauchery, more broing out and of course more girls. Seriously, it’s like lifestyle porn for bros.

Right before I saw the movie, I watched Screen Junkies “Honest Trailer” for the flick. And even though “trailer” had negative remarks, it hyped me up more than ever!

For those who don’t know, Entourage is about a close-knit group of friends that rises to stardom. The series is also loosely based on Mark Wahlburgs life and his own entourage. There’s a lot of booze, partying, sex, women, bros, breathtaking Hollywood lifestyle, more L.A. life porn, whatever. In simpler words: it’s one giant effin’ party.

I could say that this movie has much more to offer than bros being bros like friendship, loyalty, commitment, perseverance, yadda yadda yadda. But at the end of the day it is what it is. This movie is awesome, has a bunch of funny burns and jokes and contains that loveable cast that everyone grew up watching.

However, not everyone shares my passion and enthusiasm for this movie. Samantha Grossman wrote in her TIME article that “maybe if people see the misogyny and racism” in the honest trailer then “they’ll boycott it and stay home to read bell books instead.”

She’s not the only person to public share her distaste on the Entourage franchise. Just scrolling down the YouTube comments of the honest trailer you can see negative criticisms.

Like Jesus Mohammad as he states, “Seriously, one of the worst f*cking shows ever!” Right, tell us how you really feel. Supplanter Law even thanked Screen Junkies for saving him time and money from watching the show. One of the funniest comment I saw was when a YouTuber called another user a “Nerd” for complaining about the show.

I could probably provide examples of people who supports the show but I’m not going to because I don’t have to. This show is awesome and it’s FICTIONAL. Sure it glorifies the naughty things that boys do with money, but it’s just ENTERTAINMENT!!!

Entourage isn’t trying to branch out to a wider audience; if you’re gonna watch this movie then you probably already made up your mind. Boys and girls alike.

Nobody bashed this hard on Sex in the City as it told the tale of four women that went on a journey to banged an entire city in the name of feminism. And if your girlfriend (or whatever thang) made you go watch that movie or other movies like Twilight, then you have the right to drag her butt to this epic film!

It’s entertainment people, get over it. If you don’t like its content then don’t watch it and don’t judge other people for indulging in their naughty bro fantasies.

There’s a reason why this show has won awards and have been nominated for a few others. Like Best Writing for a comedy series by the Writers Guild of America three years in a row.

The critics on Rotten Tomatoes gives it a 29% rating. But who cares what they think right. Entourage is a movie for its fans. And the people have spoken. The audience gave the movies a mixture of stars but plenty of 4 stars were prominent. Fans call it “fun and hilarious” and “really really really good.”

Max H claims that “this a movie ABOUT assholes, MADE by assholes, to be WATCHED by assholes.” That is true my keyboard warrior. But he also enjoyed the movie as he claims that he “was (also) one of those assholes.”

The storyline in this movie is simple and nothing carefully layered like The Hurt Locker or The Notebook. This movie is one of guilty pleasures and ego stroking. Just have fun. This is a crazy ride that hits close to home because we all have a Vinny, Drama, Eric, Turtle, and that one loud mouth asshole that we all hate but love, Ari Gold, in our entourage. Watching this movie is just like the night before Thanksgivings in your hometown, reunited with old friends for another rager.

Here’s to broing out and bulling your way to the top, Sype.