8 Things We’re Going to Miss by NOT Going to EDC

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By Koko and Sype.

The Electric Daisy Carnival will always and forever hold a special place in our hearts. We both have been to 7 EDCs, and hopefully more. So we say with deep regret that we will not be attending this year’s extravaganza. KokoKai won’t be able to attend because, of course, she’s in SOUTH AFRICA, and Sype will not be attending because he can’t stand the thought of an EDC without Koko there. (Airec here, Koko is a liar. I can live a future without her, I just choose not to.)

the picture of our credentials of past EDC, Koko and I are in all 4 of em, the only members of our group to do so
Credentialing of EDCs passed, Koko & I are in all 4 of ’em, the only members of our group to do so

We will be back again in the future, but for now here are some things that we’re going to MISS about EDC this year.

1. Preparing for the trip/the road trip there.

I (Koko) recently had a dream about the Zipper Squad renting a giant yellow school bus for the road trip to Vegas and to EDC.

But for real, the journey into the desert is full of aspirations, hopes and dreams of a young adventurer into Wonderland. If you’re driving or flying into Vegas, you get the pre-festival jitters just visualizing the magic that awaits you at the Motor Speedway. Whether it be seeing random cars with EDC on the back of their windows, hanging with your close mates or passing a beer to a random fellow EDC attendee from a moving car, cherish this journey and make the best of it. With so much energy and enthusiasm, the trip into Vegas is like a mental pre-game for EDC.

Jose and Daniel posing during a gas stop
Jose and Daniel posing during a gas stop

2. Vegas and its nightlife!

Anyone in Vegas around the time of EDC knows that the entire city goes absolutely apesh*t. Even if you don’t actually go to EDC, just being in Vegas for EDC week is an event in itself. EDM celebs decorate the pool parties as festival-goers and regular people alike dance the day away while splashing around and spilling overpriced drinks into the pool water. Oops. This might be your only night to really do the ‘Vegas thing’ and go nuts. Spend that hard-earned cash that you’ve been saving up, buy that random hot girl a drink and eat at all the buffets. Once EDC starts, the chance of you doing all this stuff is slim. We won’t tell (;P)

Blurry but it's us at a pool party
Blurry but it’s us at a pool party
The girls
The girls – EDC week funtivities


3. Seeing all of our favorite DJ’s in one space.

Dat 2015 line up doe. :O  I. Cant. Even. With. It. Like, it was really hard not to cry when I (Koko) saw the lineup for the first time. Most raves and festivals will have a few DJs you really want to see, but EDC is like the mecca of all festivals. Anyone who’s anyone will be playing at EDC. Not only do we have the pleasure of seeing our faves, but there’s always the discovery stage as well – a chance for up & coming artists to showcase what they’ve got to offer the EDM world. We get to see the famous people before they become famous.

4. The costumes.

The Zips thoroughly enjoy planning and creating custom, unique costumes for each day of EDC every year. Airec not so much because it intrudes on his masculinity. (Which is why he always has an awkward combined costume of bro and kandi kid.) Coordinating themes and characters then transforming them into outfits is something to look forward to, and is a platform for our creativity to come out to play. Not only will be miss our own dress-up time, but seeing everyone else’s costumes is something we will definitely miss. (Not just the hot rave booty.) People be wearin’ some crazy shiz, and no matter how outlandish, we appreciate EDC for providing a safe space to express diversity and creativity.

5. InstaGram ruins my life.

-For the days leading up to EDC, the 3 days of EDC, and at least 2 weeks after EDC, we’re just not going to look at InstaGram. Everyone and their moms are gonna be posting elegantly filtered photos and strategically edited videos all over social media about EDC. Not gonna lie, it’s gonna make us upset and a little jealous and angry that we’re not part of this year’s magic. If you’re going to EDC 2015, don’t expect us to like any of your IG posts. F*ck you.

6. The dancing.

Talk about an undercover cardio fest! EDC is like the triathlon; each of the 3 days is an athletic event. It’s a marathon and not a sprint. Well, you could try sprinting, but then you’re gonna be under a table an hour before EDC like Airec was in 2012. A Lady Zip decided to put on the step counter of her iPhone on for a day of EDC (for funsies) and it calculated over 20 miles of dancing and grooving :O Holy sweet Jesus, that’s a lot of steps for an “experience”. But  sports talk aside, EDC creates a space where everyone can dance their little hearts out underneath the electric sky; you can move, shake, wiggle, fist pump and undulate in whatever ways your mood desires, no judgements here on your creative dance moves. (especially Airec’s awkward Asian dance moves in which looks like he’s spazzing out.) And the icing on the cake is that you’ll accidentally lose like 10 pounds in the process. Dance monkey dance!!!

trying to us we are
Trying to dance, we are

7. The Magic in the Air

There is something to be said about EDCs atmosphere. Your head may be pounding and your body sore from the night before, but once someone yells out ‘EDC’ or just gives you the look of hope and passion for the night to come, your body will become possessed with this euphoric energy that will send chills down your spine and goosebumps on your skin. Mixed that with some fireworks and oh, the feels. These pyrotechnicians know exactly when and how to light off these glorious firework shows in such a way that they can cause 300,000 people to all stop what they’re doing and just stare up at the sky in complete awe of the beauty. The hangover that once was in your head will now be cured by the excitement Under the Electric Sky. It’s EDC, you can’t wuss out and let anything stop you from the adventure you’re about to embark on.


8. The friends and the memories!

The people whom you surround yourself with can make or break your experience. So make sure you surround yourself with the right people. For us it was the ZipperSquad that accompanied us through our magical ride. That doesn’t mean that we didn’t make the effort to meet other people, but it was the special group of people who helped us feel the warmth of EDC, transforming it from an EDM festival to a spiritual journey. Sure we raged, but we also frolicked around in what can be compared to Pan’s Neverland. Friendships will form and memories will be forged. Even now we still think of our time at EDC 2013, the best EDC so far (in our opinion). Cherish the time you have with one another because you never know when someone from your crew will randomly text you ‘Are we still meeting at the Zipper at midnight?’ to send tears down your cheeks.

The final group picture of EDC 2013 as the sun was rising.

Well there you have it. Make sure you be safe out there. It’s easy to forget about safety when you’re having fun . . . not trying to sound like the older sibling though. EDC is a magical experience, so enjoy it. Check out our other tips and write ups about EDC and festivals.

We dressed classy to get trashy for this trance event, POP NYE 2012/2013
We fancy, huh

Bros Guide to Creeping on Girls at a Festival/Rave

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At the hotel for EDC 2013 . . . does this turn you on? Sexy Asian.
At the hotel for EDC 2013 . . . does this turn you on? Sexy Asian.

NOTE: I did mean to write “rafe.”


            By Airec Sype

(Disclaimer from me, Sype, the thoughts and views expressed in this blog post does not reflect my views on women nor does it mean that I’m a douche at a festival hitting on girls. I respect women and respectfully creep on them from afar and would not physically creep on them. This is just a satirical response to my friend, and amazing writer, Stephanie Q’s, article: Flirting vs Friendly. So enjoy. Thank you.)


Alright bros, it’s getting to be that time of year again, my favorite time of year, FESTIVAL SEASON!!!

Festival season is great because you can rage hard, pump fists and hit on half-naked-chicks. The first two parts of my list are simple and easy to do, every bro from gym rats to nerds can partake with ease.

That last part however, might be difficult for some bros in the quest for that sweet sweaty rave gash.

So here are some quick easy tips for getting girls at a rafe. Use them wisely boys.

1.      1. If she likes your kandi, then she wants dat D.

Look bros, if some girl takes the time to burrow her way through the crowd to say “I like your kandi,” then that means she’s trying to talk to you. If she’s complimenting you then she’s deff hitting on you, dawg. No way that chick is trying to leave her pack of (pussy) cats, risking the chance of being creeped on by some beta if she wasn’t trying to get some of that ALPHA!

2.     2.  There’s no way a girl is just trying to dance.

If a girl is up there shaking her carefully crafted booty, then she’s waiting for some Alpha to say “sup.” There’s no way that she spent all that time in the gym, preparing all those pansy “meal preps” for the week and trying all those trendy fad cleanses to just be with the girls. (Unless she’s a lesbian then I’m fine with that. As long as I’m there.) She’s at a festival, so that means she’s down to party! Grow some balls, go up there and talk to her. The more baggage the better bro; bonus points if she hates her dad.

3.    3.   Bump and GRIND!!!

Just sneakily walk up behind her and start pumping that fist. Flex those biceps, shrug those shoulders, you’re not wearing that tank top cuz it’s comfortable. You spent all that time in the gym and taken all the diet meth that GNC sold ya, so walk up to her and show her what those steroids got cha. Strategically pump that fist next to her and “accidentally” bump into her. If she bumps back then that means she wants it.

4.      4. Uplift her hand and into her rave panties.

Right before that sick drop from one of those awesome Top 10 bangers, there is an overused build-up. You gotta look at her and say, “I love this part.” If she says something back, even if you don’t hear her, you gotta grab her hand and lift it in the air. This shows her that you’re sensitive and shit. They like cheese, feelings. At this point, she should have either retracted your hand cuz you’re a rapist or kept it there. And if it’s still there then she is left defenseless and you gotta seize this moment to hold her hand or strategically give her a twirl into your back attack grinding position.

5.      5. Hugs baby, hugs.

Rave chicks love to hug and cuddle. Give her the nod, then she’ll know she’s yours. During a song, hug her. It’s a reason to get close. Make sure she smells your alpha smell that has been manifesting since the banger dropped. Cuddle hard and remember that girls love it when you say creepy things to them.

6.      6. She doesn’t just want to be friends.

No Alpha settles in the friend-zone. If she says that she only wants to be friends then you gotta move onto the next cunt. She’s not ready for an alpha like you. However, if you want to try and fist pump your way out of the friend-zone, then you better hope you’re alpha enough. Just play the friend card for awhile. Girls like aggressiveness. It’s an uphill battle but you can do it bro.

Alright bros, I’ve given you some tips on how to be successful at getting that sweet rave thang. Just don’t be Chester the Molester here. Don’t creep hard because no girl likes a desperate bro. If she don’t like you then just move on. You got this bro. Rave hard. BE. ALPHA. AS. F*CK!!!!


PS, don’t do any of this . . . bro.


Lessons from my 26th Birthday

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not my birthday but that hat says it all
not my birthday but that hat says it all

By Airec Sype


It was my 26th birthday about two weekends ago; my brain, body and, especially, liver felt the wrath of the catastrophe. Lil naughty Asian boy I was. Pretty sure I drank enough alcohol to kill a baby elephant. Probably, but I’m not a doctor (#sorryasianparents).

So after the mess Pineapple Express caused in the Bay Area, another shitshow (my birthday) also caused reckless damages in San Francisco. Luckily, I survived both storms and have learned some valuable things from the event. Well not from Pineapple Express, but from turning 26 (yeah I know I’m an old man).

I know that some of this will not apply to everyone. Not to boast about myself, but I do have a lot of friends. And some of my friends are assholes, but they are my assholes. They may be cruel at times, but they’re cruel with good intentions . . . to f*ck you up on your birthday.

  1. You’re friends will try and kill you with alcohol.

The beginning of the night started off with a reluctant whiskey pre-game. Which then turned into a full fledged pre-game with about 15 people crammed into my room, all trying to shove alcohol in my face. Not to mention that once I got to the bar everyone was trying to buy me drinks. So for those who are new to the “of age” birthday game, DO NOT PRE-GAME FOR YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! The main point of a pregame is because you’re either a poor bastard or because you’re cheap and/or Asian like me. But when it’s your birthday, everyone will buy you shots and beers and any random poison: a privilege that is normally reserved for cute girls. I learned this lesson first hand on my 21st: my buddy bought me a 4 horsemen and I puked my brains out! THREE TIMES! They say friends care, but best friends want to see you burn!

  1. You will get drunk, trust me.

Like I said, don’t pre-game. You’re going to get drunk if you go out to a bar where about 30 or more people are there to celebrate the day of your birth. So if you don’t want to get drunk then grow some balls and reject those free shots or just keep it casual and simple. I didn’t last to midnight.

  1. Your house will get destroyed if you don’t manage to leave your house.

I unintentionally hosted a pre-game and post-party and a sloppy brunch. So if you don’t want your house in shambles and spend your actual birth day cleaning with your roommate pissed off at you, then I would recommend that you raise your voice like Hilary Duff and tell everyone to get the hell out! Drunk friends equals a wrecked house. It’s simple math.

  1. People will show up and some people won’t, it’s life.

In my case, a lot of people showed up. So make sure the venue you chose can fit and accommodate everyone! The only problem with this is that because of the vast amount of people, I did not get a lot of quality time with everyone. So if you’re the kind of person who likes to have hearts to hearts with your friends, then don’t invite more than 15 people. While some people show and some don’t, you can’t be upset at them. Life is bigger (brace yourself) than your birthday. We’re all adults now so understand that as adults we all have things to do.

  1. Nothing ever really goes as planned.

You can plan and plan, but nothing ever goes to script when you’re planning on gathering a group of drunk people. Also if you’re the birthday boy, nothing will ever go as planned if YOU’RE DRUNK. Simple, don’t plan stuff if you’re planning on being drunk. Never works out, trust me.

  1. You will be disappointed. So it’s ok to get mad and break shit. It’s your birthday!

Sure we’re all adults and sure we all have our own logical reasoning. But we can’t help but feel angry and betrayed if a friend doesn’t show up or if you miss your birthday brunch because of your drunk-ass friends, or if your house is filled with drunk loveable idiots destroying shit. So get mad, get angry, break some bottles or push a friend over a bush. It’s your birthday, you do what you want!!!

  1. No matter how old you are, there will be drama.

When you gather a group of 20 or more drunk people together, there will be drama. No matter how hard you try avoiding it, drama always follow drunk people. You can hope to not be involved and gather some popcorn to watch the drama occur around you. Or do the simple mature thing by cutting the drama out of your life. But if you have an uneventful life like mine, the drama adds a little spice.

  1. Try to embrace the chaos.

Like I said, things don’t go as planned or you will get angry. CHAOS WILL HAPPEN! So try to embrace it and enjoy the ride. It’s much easier to enjoy the destruction while being under the influences of alcohol. So before the sun rises and your hangover kicks in, enjoy it. It’s your birthday, have some fun!

  1. Learn from your mid-20s because you’re quickly about to hit your late 20’s.

Right before I hit 25, I was going on vacations, attending frat parties, going to music festivals and just living life. Then after graduation and my 26th birthday, I quickly learned that sometimes you’re toooooo old for shit. Sure I still like a good rager. But as I got older, my focus started shifting onto different things. I started, what’s that word? Maturing! Slowly tho. It’s just life, you can’t live in Neverland pho eva. Have fun now, make some mistakes and, oh, have some fun. Your late 20s will be the time of growth and maturity, so be prepared because life is a bitch.

  1. Birthdays SUCKS!!!

I hate birthdays; too much pressure in my case from family and friends. I’m going to be honest, I always felt like birthdays are for other people. I do enjoy the times and making memories that I won’t remember, but birthday celebrations sometimes suck. Gotta enjoy your alone time. #FullEmo

With that all being said, I did enjoy my (not so mature) birthday, with its ups and downs. These are just the lessons I learned from this particular b-day. I love all my friends and their impact on my life. It’s sad to remissness on how some friends whom I’ve became close with came and went, but hey that’s life. You can’t dwell on past memories, just got to move on and cherish the time you have now.

26 is going to be an interesting year pho me. Those student loans are going to catch up and I’m getting more wedding invitations as the day passes. So here’s to life. Wish me luck on my 26th. I’m going to need it.


-Till next time, Sype.

New Years Day 2013, KokoandAirec Syle

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In 2013, Koko decided to come to San Francisco for New Years Eve, a special event where our friendship and blogging idea took off! This blog was created in Dec 2012, but wasn’t really utilize until after NYE of 2012. I don’t think it was just out of laziness but out of lack of mechanics and rhythm.

This video that we made was probably the first thing that we ever created for the blog; it’s a video that recapped our ending of Christmas to New Years day. It was actually a fun few days racing to the end of 2012. We even created a list of things to do before she visited the Main Land.


Koleana and Airec’s To Do List

By Airec Syprasert on Friday, August 10, 2012 at 1:49am

[ ] – Force Cat to drive us around as we get drunk like old times

[ ] – Go to an Underground rave

[ X ] – One of us passing out in a bar while the other catches a cab

[ X ] – Trying out vegetarian food

[ x ] – scorpion bowls at trad’r sams!!

[ ] – do some crazy work outs

[ ] – beer pong at your (airecs) frat house

[ ] – Make illegal fireworks for NYE

[ x ] – Have a bomb NYE

[ x ] – Ice Skating

[x ] – Hoodrat Things

[ ] – House of Air

[ ] – Sit on Santas Lap

[ ] – Try on expensive clothes that we aren’t going to buy at MACY’s


[ X ] – Ride a rickshaw through downtown =)

[ X ] – get Airec drunk on fireball

[x] – get a dog to lick our faces

[x] – Rage to Hardwell

[x] – Leave a bunch of Tango messages

[x] – Play Halo when Koleana isn’t watching or when she’s sleeping

[ ] – Make a picture book

And here is a Facebook conversation that followed this list:

 Koleana Kai McGuire bahahaha

Koleana Kai McGuire and commented on eachother’s at the exact same time

Airec Syprasert i know. we are either really retarded or really excited for xmas

Koleana Kai McGuire uhhh a little bit of both??

Koleana Kai McGuire I’ll delete mines…we’ll just work on yours

Koleana Kai McGuire I like the new additions for NYE! whatever we do, Im sure it’ll be epic

Airec Syprasert haha lets figure it out soon! i need to know how much moeny i need to save

Airec Syprasert will this be the first nye together?

Koleana Kai McGuire i think so!

Airec Syprasert its gonna be grand!

Koleana Kai McGuire EPIC is the word, my friend =]

Airec Syprasert updated

Anne Quarnstrom i wanna do hoodrat things!

Airec Syprasert yes yes, this will be the best xmas/new years in airec sypraserts life. and im going to be there for it.

Jovani Rene Melendez Kennedy…

Latarian Milton Hoodrat Remix

A remix of the 7 year old gangsta kid from Florida who jacked his mom’s SUV beca…See Koleana Kai McGuire Doing hoodrat activities

Airec Syprasert hoodie hoodie hoodrat

Koleana Kai McGuire I’m confident we will be crossing off 10-12 of these activities. That’s roughly 75%…not good enough! LOL

Airec Syprasert just today or the whole 3 days ur here?

Koleana Kai McGuire 3 days

Airec Syprasert we can do this. . . and still play halo


As I read this list of things, I can say that we didn’t finish half of it, nor do I remember doing some of this stuff. Like I mean, where the fuck did this dog lick my face. The only thing that I don’t see on this list is watching the movie Love Actually, our favorite Christmas movie. (Which is a pretty fucking good movie. It isn’t gay or emasculating to watch that movie, it’s a fucking good movie and anyone with a heart will love it!)

But the stuff that I did remember doing (like ice skating, going to POPNYE, and doing HOODRAT THINGS!!!), it was pretty fun.

Let’s just say that the stuff that wasn’t fun was the little kids that were tripping us during ice skating (which probably had to do with the Fireball whiskey that we drank), the hangover, and the goodbyes. Koko probably didn’t like me waking her up one morning with the sound of gunshots and aliens screaming as I play Halo 4 . . . don’t blame me, I just got the game a few days earlier and was trying to kick ass!

As I read this list and watch the video, it really does make a year seem like ages ago. So here it is, a look inside of the the dark minds birth; watch it and enjoy it, laugh with us, and please don’t judge us for the things we said. (Because we were pretty drunk when this video took place and we are only joking in fun . . . #nojudgingzone)


PS, don’t judge me on Love Actually.

PSS, here are some pictures from NYE:

Group Pic
Group Pic
Ruby Skye, koko jovani and i
Ruby Skye, koko jovani and i
In front of that giant xmas tree in SF
In front of that giant xmas tree in SF

IMG_1110 sleeping airec IMG_0410IMG_1100 IMG_1122 IMG_1150 IMG_1163 IMG_1165 IMG_1121 IMG_111674388_10200358145495816_271219014_n 148581_10200358130975453_1894635600_n 385288_10200358129015404_1659125490_n 6399_10200358128015379_1926135608_n

Random Texts, KokoandAirec Style

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take some preworkout and stop being a little bitchfriendship like this

It has been awhile since one of us has posted anything, which we’re sorry for. So I (airec) took the time to write down some of the random text messages we corresponded over the weekend, which involves ice-skating, a tween rock show, fitness motivation, and aimless humor that probably doesn’t make much sense to anyone but us.

So enjoy!

Me: Who knew that ice skating without fireball in you is a lot easier; you don’t trip over little kids

Koko: Buuut ice skating with Koko and fireball is way funner!

Me: Iono, going ice skating with this girl, her boyfriend, and the finger blaster does have its benefits

Koko: haha, I love that his name is finger blaster >.<

Me: haha, and you wanted to name him Tecate!!!!

Koko: Hahaha I thought Tecate would be a more appropriate rave name. But Finger Blaster is a funny nick name

Me: I guess that’s more of his bro-rave name #B4L

Koko: What’s my #B4L nickname?

Me: Iono, I like KokoKai. What’s my #B4L nickname?

Koko: Hmmm it’s hard to pick one! What do the bros call you most? Cuz I just call you Asian >.<

Me: Well, we live in a society where you have the power of choice, so pick a nickname for me!

Koko: Asian. Haha (:P)

***(Next Morning)***

Me: Im rly sore 4m an intense cross training session but I want to do interval training. What do I do!?

Koko: Pop some L-glutamine. Take some pre-workout. And STOP BEING A BITCH

Me: I think you and my mom are the only women that I take orders from and that im scared of.

Koko: No need to be scared . . . you know this unicorn is a big softie

Me: (Tears up) I’m glad u respect and embrace my weakness. Please stop.

Koko: I’ll stop when you learn to get dinner on the table on time!!!

Me: Why are you so mean?

Koko: It’s because men have been oppressing us since the beginning of time! It’s time to fight back!

Me: I’m scared.

Koko: Oppression doesn’t feel goo does it?

***(Later on that night)***

Me: I’m at a punk-pop show and they’re so many tweens

Koko: Hands off! No roofies!!!

Me: WTF, how dare you accuse me of such behavior?!?

Koko: Haha well I’ve seen your EDM-harmony dating profile….

Me: Shut up, those are lies.

Koko: Haha

Me: Whatever, you’re leaving off to South Africa anyways

Koko: That just means we gotta make the most of my time left in America!

Me: Stop trying to get me to go to Hawaii

Koko: You know you want to

Me: Stop it, stop Jedi-ing me

Koko: Yup, I am a unicorn with Jedi mind powers