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31 Old People Things (So Far)

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Playing on a slide in Hawaii at 3am after Koko passed out after car bombs
Playing on a slide in Hawaii at 3am after Irish Car Bombs

This was co-written over a Skype Sesh by myself and Sype, at 3am, bantering about how our lives have changed as we’ve finished college and are finding our roles in adult society as we near our quarter life crisis. We’re getting old.

1. Starting a sentence with “back in my day…”

2. Referring to things by the decade in which they occurred

3. Explaining your jokes that have references to 90’s TV shows

4. Buying khakis and cardigans

5. Taking aspirin daily

6. Eating TUMS, pepcid AC and Pepto Bismol

–Having heartburn and indigestion

7. Experiencing a 24+ hour hangover

8. Staying in on a Friday or Saturday night

9. Avoiding crowded bars and clubs

10. Monitoring your sugar intake

11. Lying about your age

12. Being able to read a map and formulate directions

13. Craving and enjoying vegetables

14. Uttering the words “I’m never doing that again”

15. Leaving a bar at 11pm

16. When your pre-game is a nap

17. Pretending to still be a student so you can get a discount

18. Having developed a taste palate for alcohols

–and not needing a chaser

19. Looking forward to happy hour

20. Buying health insurance/being kicked off your parents’ plan

21. Being sore from everyday life, not just from working out

22. Reading the newspaper

23. Being picky about what toothpaste you’ll use

24. Craving wine after a hard day

–or craving whisky [Airec doesn’t like wine]

25. Picking comfort over fashion

–like how Airec wears his running shoes everywhere

26. Being picky about types of socks and underwear

27. Choosing the right pens and notepads

28. Being particular about hygienic products

29. Staying cautious about cancer triggers

30. Budgeting finances

31. Tipping at restaurants


Wingstop Bro-Date Study Break

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wing stop
wing stop

So while some of us are being productive and doing productive things that coincide with our EDC get-in-shape goals, some of us are not being not productive. And kinda getting fat.

I decided earlier tonight to have a bro-date with my buddy Jose.

What is a bro-date you ask? It is when two bros (male friends who transcends best-friendship, achieving a higher level: Bros) have a non-homosexual hangout session. I will probably do a whole post on Bros in the future.

And to continue my streak of bad eating habits (this morning I also decided to reward my patience by freezing my Asian-ass for 4 hours through the DMV with a big juicy double-double cheese burger from In-N-Out, topped off with a nice warm strawberry doughnut from Krispy Kreme) and have some Wing Stop.

For some of you who do not know, Wingstop is a place where you annihilate chicken wings of all flavors with a side of French-fries. It’s kinda like Hooters . . . but there no boobs. Actually, there are boobs, but in baggy dark green polo’s instead of being squeezed together, about to pop out of a tight tank-top, boobs.

Boy, were those wings delicious. I had the spicy Cajun lemon chicken flavored wings. Just as the name suggest, it was a Cajun spiced chicken wing with a hint of lemon. And the fries? Crispy, some where a little burnt and slightly over salted . . . just how I like ‘em.

Take that cholesterol.

Along some great conversation with my buddy Jose, it was a great bro-date.

Sadly to say, to go along the theme of aging this weekend, I’m starting to realize that I’m getting old. Not old-man-Eric-Juno old, but just getting older.

Now don’t get me wrong, me getting older doesn’t mean I’m getting more mature. I don’t actually know when that’s gonna happen, but my body cannot handle certain foods at the dark of night anymore. And sometimes my hearing is bad and my back aches.

Now take me away Tums, or Walgreens knock-off brand Tums. Fat-Airec my still live inside me, but old Airecs stomach does not agree (:/)

Oh and P.S. FUCK the DMV.

-Airec Sype.

“Eats flavored antacid tablets, candy substitute”