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Old People Things: Part 2

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sleeping airec

By: Koko and Airec

Welp, here we are again to tell the world that we’re getting older! During one of our frequent conversations about our aging bodies and our concerns of today’s youth, we realize again that time is still not on our side. So as we grow older (and hopefully wiser) we start to notice all the things we do differently, and the changes in the ways we view and navigate the world. This lead us to some realizations (again) that makes us a little more our age and young adult-ish.

So here is our continuation of Old People Things. We present to you, the long-awaited, part 2!

1. If 2 or more things must be remembered- you have to start a list

2. Personal property insurance

3. Planning what your children’s names will be

4. Having several bank accounts, all for different purposes

5. Your body has its own bedtime

6. A cup of coffee is a morning ritual

7. A ‘crazy Friday night’ means a bottle of wine and The Bachelorette (Airec is animes and sitcoms)

8. It takes 2 days to recover from 1 night of drinking

9. You wish you could still dial POPCORN to find out the accurate time so you can properly adjust your wrist watch

10. You wear a wrist watch

11. You’re old enough to know what POPCORN was

12. You always have Pedialyte in your fridge- ready and waiting

13. Thinking of how inappropriate a girl’s  clubbing/festival attire is

14. Standing around awkwardly at an 18+ Club

15. Having Icy-Hot within arm distant

16. Thinking of names for your future pet and what kind

17. Tipping correctly

18. TUMS. So many TUMS.

19. Choosing to get a hotdog before heading home to cook over partying with a bunch of 21 year olds on a Thursday night

There it is, 19 ways we are older now. We both have felt the cruel wrath of time as our own bodies continues to break down. It doesn’t feel like it now, but you will get old someday; it’s just a sad fact of life.  We’re sure that soon we’re gonna have another list of how we are entering adulthood. So watch out for that. There’s no denying that our party side is now slowing down and our ideas of fun are shifting. We just accept the fact that we’re old people now, but hey(!), we’re still cool!

Till next time, Koko and Airec.


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By Airec Sype.

RackaRacka released an epic video of Call of Duty players battling Master Chief on YouTube earlier this week. This video contains it all: pestering grandmas, nerdy man-child(s), Elite energy swords and yes, even the non-stop barrage of C.O.D. zombies. Well instead of Nazi zombies, we have a bunch of old people . . . so kinda like zombies.

I came across this video while at work and I instantly knew that I had to sneak away in the bathroom to watch it. One of my managers walked in half-ways through and I didn’t care because I had a smile that stretched across my face, as wide as my eyes because this video is that got dang awesome.

This short has it all, all the weapons and mods and care packages that every F.P.S. (First Person Shooters for you non-virgins-before-19 out there) nerd can want in a live-action video. Although the ending of the video doesn’t really answer the age-long question about “Which FPS shooter is better, Halo or Call of Duty?” You can still leave satisfied as you watch these fans duke it out in attempt to please the inner-nerd in all of us.


For anyone who no longer has the time for video games, RackaRacka will remind you of that childhood that was not too long ago. I can’t help but think of microwavable foods, stale cherry pies that cost a dollar from Food4Less, the stench of man-boys who haven’t showered in days because of the relentless video game playing. (Well, this went on until high school because I eventually started playing sports and had to hide my nerdy Asian side from all the cute white girls . . . go ahead and ask me about Dance Dance Revolution.) Oh yeah, this definitely touched that little Asian boy inside of me . . . in a non-sexual way.

Be sure to check out other RackaRacka videos on their YouTube page. They got some good ones on there for your other nerdy pleasures.

Till next time and keep playing video games, growing up is a trap!!!

31 Old People Things (So Far)

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Playing on a slide in Hawaii at 3am after Koko passed out after car bombs
Playing on a slide in Hawaii at 3am after Irish Car Bombs

This was co-written over a Skype Sesh by myself and Sype, at 3am, bantering about how our lives have changed as we’ve finished college and are finding our roles in adult society as we near our quarter life crisis. We’re getting old.

1. Starting a sentence with “back in my day…”

2. Referring to things by the decade in which they occurred

3. Explaining your jokes that have references to 90’s TV shows

4. Buying khakis and cardigans

5. Taking aspirin daily

6. Eating TUMS, pepcid AC and Pepto Bismol

–Having heartburn and indigestion

7. Experiencing a 24+ hour hangover

8. Staying in on a Friday or Saturday night

9. Avoiding crowded bars and clubs

10. Monitoring your sugar intake

11. Lying about your age

12. Being able to read a map and formulate directions

13. Craving and enjoying vegetables

14. Uttering the words “I’m never doing that again”

15. Leaving a bar at 11pm

16. When your pre-game is a nap

17. Pretending to still be a student so you can get a discount

18. Having developed a taste palate for alcohols

–and not needing a chaser

19. Looking forward to happy hour

20. Buying health insurance/being kicked off your parents’ plan

21. Being sore from everyday life, not just from working out

22. Reading the newspaper

23. Being picky about what toothpaste you’ll use

24. Craving wine after a hard day

–or craving whisky [Airec doesn’t like wine]

25. Picking comfort over fashion

–like how Airec wears his running shoes everywhere

26. Being picky about types of socks and underwear

27. Choosing the right pens and notepads

28. Being particular about hygienic products

29. Staying cautious about cancer triggers

30. Budgeting finances

31. Tipping at restaurants


Getting Old: Pop-Punk Shows and I

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Mayday Parade

So I went to a pop-punk show, The Glamour Kills Tour, two weeks back. I believe it was about two weeks back; I know I’ve been lazy and neglected to write about it. But hey (!) life is rather difficult when you work two jobs and consistently drinking all the time because I’m a product of a jobless post-grad world and there is always something fun to do in San Francisco. Well anyways, after attending TGKT, I thought (or even while still at the show) that maybe I might be getting a little too old for pop-punk shows.

I’m writing this in this blog because I don’t think this is going to be much of a music and show review as much as me complaining about how I’m getting old.

The show was held at Slim’s, a commonly used venue for all types of rock music. The last time I was there, I saw Four Year Strong. And that was a good, sweaty, moshed filled show.

TGKT was composed of four bands: Stages & Stereos, Cartel, Man Overboard, and featuring Mayday Parade. These four bands are of the sub-rock-sub-punk genre pop-punk.

To explain it would be actually pretty simple, it’s like punk music, but poppy. And the girls, which was one of the reasons why I really got into pop-punk in high school, besides me going through this sad self-loathing “emo” phase, kinda dress like actual punk-girls, but with more upkeep and make-up. They’re kinda like if a preppy girl combined with a punk girl, creating a product of hotness!!!

Prior to going into this, I knew that night was going to be filled with young tweens, mostly girls and some guys. Although, some of the guys were also wearing tight skinny jeans, with their hair also long, which resemble feminine characteristics. I don’t know or how to explain the style, but looking back at it now, I can say, who once was teenager who went through that phase, we all have baggage.

But anyways, I knew there were going to be young tweens at the show. I thought, “it’s a Monday, a school night. How bad could it be?” To my surprised, the show sold out and the tweens were out in herds, ready for a night of loud and angry and jumpily and emotional teenager drama music.

I know my friends always joke about me gunning for younger girls because I’m in a fraternity and still work at Abercrombie, but this was too much. I was surprised at what some of the girls were wearing. Now I believe that a girl can wear whatever she wants, but see this through the eyes of a future father, I was concerned.

It was that moment that my mind clicked, grinding its gears, churning the brain cells that I have left after the damage of Hurricane College; I realized that I’m getting old, and this might be one of those moments where I shouldn’t be at (unless I was escorting my well clothed daughter of course).

Back when I was young, these girls would have been my Muse and the boys my friends amigos. But then and there, I played the role of an awkward father who didn’t know what he was taking his daughter to.

Thank God that I had my friend Ivette there. She was actually the one who wanted to go, not I. But seeing how the bands Cartel and Mayday Parade got me through some tough depressing high school drama Bullsh*t of my life, I decided to accompany her. This of course gave me the “Get-out-of-jail-from-being-that-creepy-older-guy-at-a-pop-punk-show.”

Once I got my cold shivering body through the venue entrance, I did what every normal of-age adult would do at a tween gathering, HEAD STRAIGHT TO THE BAR! Luckily the beers weren’t too expensive, six bucks. I’ve been going to the Fillmore and their beers are nine.

After the first beer was gone, I fuckin’ pounded a second one, just to make sure the shame and creepy feeling of being at a pop-punk show (where I only like and not love the headlining band) would go away. Or at least numb me over a little.

I mean aside from being around teenagers that night, because all the older kids like me who also like pop-punk have real jobs after college unlike I, the bands were pretty good. I was mainly there for Cartel and Mayday Parade. I’ve never heard of Stages & Stereo and Man Overboard, but they were good.

I have NOT been keeping up with these bands. And I know they have grown as musicians, creating new forms of art in the form of music, but I just hoped to God that they play their old stuff. The little 16 year old tween inside me wanted to hear “Honestly” and “Say Anything Else” by Cartel and “Jamie All Over” and “Miserable At Best” by Mayday Parade.

Well, ask and you shall receive!

Cartel and Mayday Parade thankfully played the only four songs that I willingly paid 25 bucks for. Everything else was just a test from God, nay, a trial of my faith, to ensure that I was the chosen one to hear the sweet sound of emotional teen rock.

Here is a video of Cartels “Honestly” from that night:

This video is Mayday Parades “Miserable at Best.” This song, along with All Time Lows “Remembering Sunday,” was on my break-up playlist years ago when this girl (stupid b*tch, I know) broke my naive Asian heart. Ask my friend Jose, he will tell you what a sad sack of shit I was.

Oh my heart felt those young love pains at that moment. Them feels.

After the show was over and it was all said and done, I grabbed my friend and got the fuck out of there before some father mistook me for a creepy college dude who’s trying to bang-out their daughter.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not making fun of pop-punk . . . well maybe a little. But this was just one of those things where I realize that I now have to pick and chose what I attend to. Whether it be an underground rave or some rock show, I will now have feelings of displacement during some events because of my age and that stage of “growing up.” (Post-grad problems again) If you love the music, then keep going. I’m not advising you not to. Hell, I’m pretty sure this won’t be my last pop-punk show because I still want to see Forever the Sickest Kids. See, there is still a little emo-Asian boy inside me.

Now this doesn’t mean that I’m gonna buy a three-piece-suit and go on a wine-and-cheese escapade, I’m just saying maybe my Monday nights are better spend working on my fiction and hanging out with girls around my age . . . or at least girls who are 18 with a fake ID.

A Comment Too Far, The Mind of Airec Syprasert: Put a book in front of it

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kokos' womanhood is showing
kokos’ womanhood is showing

Will Scott Your womanhood is showing.

Koleana Kai McGuire Thanks? Haha

Airec Syprasert nope, that’s her erection

Koleana Kai McGuire You boys are so silly

Airec Syprasert well, just put a book or a backpack in front of that womanhood next time so it doesnt show. thats what i did in 6th grade #lessonlearned

Koleana Kai McGuire I’ll just hide in the closet. That solves everything.

Airec Syprasert oh no, you get out of that closet, you might accidentally fall into Narnia and then everyone there will see your womanhood; might take someones eye out

Koleana Kai McGuire MAYBE I WANNA GO INTO NARNIA! Aslan is my homie…he understands me

Airec Syprasert fine, you and aslan can flant your guys womanhood together. just make sure you shave asland, because no one likes a hairy . . . lion

Will Scott ……
Uhhh…. All I mention I’d that you look more lady like

Airec Syprasert Yea I kinda ran with that. Haha

This is another one of those incidences where I take a innocent compliment to the next level; a level too far. But I guess that’s how my random mind works (;P)

But other than that, it’s a very nice photo of Koleana during her weekend trip in Vegas. Growing into a fine young woman . . . they grow up so fast :’)


its like myspace all over again.

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Airec: Holy shit today we had 36 ppl view our WP

Koko: Holy shit we’re popular!

Airec: It feels like high school again. Haha. Alot of ppl told me we’re funny

Koko: Its like getting views on myspace. Haha

Airec: Haha. Ur old making that reference

Koko: -_- dick

“Realizing that you can’t party till the sun comes up anymore since your back aches and knees throb after the first 4 hours and you’re younger friends want to continue for 6 more hours, senior citizen.”