Adventuring to HAWAII!!!

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Drinking black coffee while reading some Hemingway
Drinking black coffee while reading some Hemingway

As I sit on an airplane, cramped up typing T-Rex style with my stubby Asian arms, on my way to Hawaii, I am writing this blog post. Yes, I know it’s an awkward way to start a blog post; it’s not fun or exciting or even wordy, just a statement. Also this is to emulate one of Koleana’s post about her on-flight experience to London. (Also too she told me to write a post about Hawaii before arriving.)

Anyways, here I start again.

I am currently sitting in a plane on my way to Hawaii, Honolulu to be exact. Since I am visiting a Unicorn, I figure it would be proper to listen to Markus Schulz, the one and only UNICORN SLAYER! I’m listening to the A State Of Trance 550 Closing Party set at Privilege, Ibiza, to be exact. Just-in-case any fellow trance listener or UnicornSlayers would like to listen along as you read.

Honolulu, I forgot which island it’s on again, I think Owahu or something like that. Being an American, I choose to be ignorant and not care about the native culture of the place I’m visiting.

Just kidding.

It is Oahu. I hope some of y’all already know my sarcasm so I don’t have to constantly defend myself. I know how to use Google; I’m not a dumbass (although I’m sure some of you guys might find that debatable).

I don’t really know much about Hawaii except that it is the 50th state of AMERICA!!!! (had to put that in all caps) and that it has a bunch of sugarcanes. Also, the Japanese attacked it in WWII, entering the Pacific War with the United States. Or as the natives of Hawaii calls us, the Mainland.

Some other random things I know about Hawaii, the people are some BIG people. I don’t mean like fat or obese or anything mean in that sort. I just mean they are some big boys. I also say that without a winky face. These Pacific Islanders are some of the thickest and strongest guys playing O and D line in the NFL. Not to mention, University of Hawaii has a pretty sick college football team in the WAC.

Needless to say, this little Asian boy isn’t gonna try to fight any Hawaiians on this vacation. Not trying to get my ass kicked.

On that note, this vacation should be mellow.

Well, I am gonna assume and plan it to be mellow. The last few weeks I’ve been going hard and balls to the walls, deff gonna take a break from that. Not going to lie, the people in San Francisco, work, and trying to finish off school at SFSU has just been stressing me out. It’s just those little things that gets ya cha know.

This trip is just some nice relaxing time. Some well deserved me time.

Here is a tentative schedule of my Hawaii trip:


-Get picked up from Koko at the airport

-Hangout at U of H while Koko is taking a midterm

-Prob write one of the two essays I have to do

-Go to the beach

-Go to Walmart and play around in the toy section

-Swimming at Cromwells

-Dinner at Gyu Kaku


-Sunrise hike

-Walk through the city

-Cook dinner (a vegetarian dinner since Koko and Anglia don’t eat meat)

-Fishbowls/watch hookers



-Gym/morning workout (I’m glad she understands this and I know only a few of y’all do)

-Beaches/Learning to surf

-Napping on the beach

-Puka Dogs for Lunch



-Dinner at Café Maharani



-Lanikai – Pillbox hike & beach all day

-Dinner @ home

-Run fire drinks

-Early to bed for sunrise hike!


-3AM stairway to heaven hike


-Pearl Harbor in afternoon

-Parasailing (which both of us have never done before, which should be super exciting)

-Shirokiya Beer Garden

-Dinner at Shokudo


-Get shaved ice

-Maybe squeeze in another Puke Dog before taking you to the airport!!!!

So yeah, that is the list that Koleana made for me, while drunk at a bar in San Francisco during Taco Tuesday at Underdogs. I’m sure we will add some things to the list and won’t have time to do all the things planned, since that’s how it seems to always happen anyways with our list of things to do.

Of course some people say, “Airec, didn’t you just come back from Miami and from Ultra Music Festival, why are you going on Vacation again?”

My answer to that is: Miami and Ultra was fun, no doubt, but it’s the same shit, different day, and different place. I do music festivals and rage all the time. This Hawaii trip is going to be different. Hawaii I guess is going to be more about inner searching, trying to clear the clutter of everyday fast-past-Airec-Syprasert-San-Francisco-life, and all that other bullshit.

Instead of focusing on drinking and topnotch world class DJ’s, this trip is going to be about hiking, hitting the beach, exploring, and (I never thought I would say this) vegetarian eating.  I know right, stupid Unicorn influences.

I’m sure my body is going to ache and starve for massive amounts of alcohol and the florescence lights and vibrant sounds of a music festival, but I expect this change in pace is going to be fun. Plus anything can be fun with one of your best friends at your side.

The only thing that I fear is how my school work is gonna be affected by this trip. I’m just throwing caution to the wind and saying “fuck it.”

Also another thing, my parents don’t know about this trip. HAHA. I didn’t tell my parents that I hopped my Asian ass on a plane to Hawaii. I figure if my dad can randomly take off to Laos and not tell me, I’m sure this is the same. Like father like son right. Of course I did tell him something; I told him I was boarding a plane to L.A. You know, just in case my plane crashes and I die, he at least knew that I was on a plane, so technically I’m not really lying, just half-lying (;P)

This is going to be a fun trip. I’m gonna take a bunch of pictures and I’m sure Koko will too. In about a week after, or maybe 2 or 3 depending on how much school work and how hung-over I am, I will write a post of my aftermath of Hawaii with the pictures. I hope this is one of the beginnings of my new blog adventures: Small Town Asian Boy See’s the World!

Till next time. Don’t do anything that I would do. Seriously, don’t. Haha.


Koko meeting me at the airport
Koko meeting me at the airport

sunset at Dimondhead

Mariner’s Ridge Hike

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IMG_1154 IMG_1155IMG_1157 IMG_1158 IMG_1159 IMG_1156

Went on a super legit hike with some friends today, it’s called Mariner’s Ridge (or Kaluanui Ridge Trail), and it’s a ridge line that connects to  the Ko’olau summit. Follow Kaluanui road all the way up and park before the dead end. There is a shingled house on the right, that a lot of folks call the “gingerbread house.” There is a “No Tresspassing” sign at the entrance to the trail… (O.o) dangerous. IMG_1160

We stumbled through some areas where the ground was a complete web of tree roots that were surfacing; creating a plexus of bark under our feet.


This hike has all different types of terrain compiled into one awesome workout. We started off with a dirt path, with brush and bushes on either side.


Then we went into forestry. This is the first hawaii hike I’ve done that had legit pine trees. The pine needles faced all directions off of the tree branches. Not much of the pine tree smell I’m used to experiencing in California.

Then the hike led into more of an open dirt path. I see draping valleys of greenery on either side of me as I’m standing atop the ridge line of the mountain.

Through some jungle like forest, I snapped a photo–now this is what most hawaii hikes I’ve been on have looked like.

Here and there, we happened across points that we could see different parts of the island. I have some semi-successful attempts at panoramic shots of the mountains and ocean.

IMG_1163 IMG_1164 IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1167

About 40 minutes up the mountain and we reached a clearing with a full 360 degree view from atop the mountain. When I realized there was no more trail is when we made the conclusion that we had reached the top!


We opened up our bags and pulled out some drinks & snacks we had swooped from our Safeway pitstop on the way to the hike.



After taking several photos, I sat down, drank my beer, and then we began our descent back down!


Spreading PLURR

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One downfall of the rave culture in Hawaii is the lack of PLURR. The EDM scene is plagued with underage bandwagoners, who think they are cool by taking hella drugs and going to raves. We are trying to change that mentality. You see those kinds of people everywhere, but especially here. Raves are about the music, having a genuine appreciation for the artists, sharing those moments with your friends, and doing your best to make sure everyone has a good experience.

PLURR is a popular acronym in the rave culture, standing for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and Responsibility. (Also seen as PLUR) It’s been a common theme among ravers since the 1990s once a popular DJ named Frankie Bones shouted it out when a fight broke out during his set at an event.

PEACE- Keep the peace with everyone. Don’t go to raves causing fights, bringing drama, and spreading bad energy. Dance, enjoy the music, and savor every moment.

LOVE- Show love for each other. Show love to the DJs. Show your love for the music. Share with each other. You have gum? You have water? Share it. Acts of kindness always come full circle, and you will be rewarded in some way.

UNITY- The beautiful thing about electronic music is that is unifies people. Ravers come from all walks of life, and they can show up to these events and feel connected to each other. We all fit in. We all belong. We are all one with the music and with each other. There is a oneness of mind and feeling.

RESPECT- Show consideration for others. Especially for the venue hosting the event. Be polite, don’t litter and don’t make a mess. Show kokua for the environment.

RESPONSIBILITY- Don’t act a fool. Be smart with your alcohol & substance consumption.  Make good choices. Also, look our for your friends. Whenever I hear stories of ravers being carried away on stretchers, the first person I blame is the friends of the victim. You gotta look out for people. You come as a group- you leave as a group.

One of these most common ways of spreading PLUR is through giving kandi (like pictured above). Beaded bracelets made by hand to be given or traded with other ravers. The beads usually are a standard size, they come in all different colors, and lettered beads are often used to spell out words or phrases on the bracelets.

Every rave I go to, I try to make plenty of kandi to give out or to trade. I often make custom ones for my friends I know I will see at the event. I also make some generic ones to give out to people or trade. When I see a raver not wearing a kandi, I make a point to give them one. There is a series of hand gestures in which the kandi gets transferred from my wrist to theirs while we hold hands. If they have never been PLURRed a kandi before, I make sure I explain it to them, and encourage them to come to the next event with kandi, and join in on the PLURR.

I attended  a rave called Winter Wonderland last night. Mat Zo was deejaying. I brought over a dozen kandi with me and gave them all out through the course of the night. One guy I gave a kandi to had his friend take photos of every PLUR step so that they will know how to do it from now on =) They said they now feel accepted … It made me happy to see them so excited.

We do not judge those who are new to the scene, nor do we try to keep newcomers out. Instead we welcome them with open arms. And while doing so, we educate them on the concept of PLURR and encourage them to acclimate themselves to the way we do things in our culture.

Demonstrating PLURR is something I always promote and strive to do myself. Keeping these practices alive is very important to me. If ravers showed a little more PLURR, it might help change the reputation of the scene, and keep the culture bustling!

-Love Koleana Kai McGuire

“Strings a bunch of beads together during arts and crafts, jeweler.”


Koko mocho says hello

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Aloha! Koko here. What a friendly introduction from Airec =) IDK what else to say…haha. Start with the basics I guess? I live in Hawaii. I have 1 year left of college (fingers crossed) before embarking abroad with the Peace Corps (a life-long dream of mine). As for the moment, I rage face as a Kinesiology major which basically allows me to continue my passion of working out, and surrounding myself with others who suffer from the same obsessions over fitness and sexiness. Airec is one funny fother mucker, we manage to keep each other laughing for hours on end. It was only a matter of time before we took our comedy public. It would be selfish to keep all this hilariousness under wraps. Airec is a writing major, so he fully enjoys writing, telling stories, and keeping people entertained. Me on the other hand…I’m actually not that funny. I’m just really mean, and people think that I’m joking. I’m slightly eccentric and fully offensive with a lot of the statements I make…but hey! Who gives a fuck, right?

Where does/ will mine and Airec’s writing come from? We use various forms of communication and media. Our rants and conversations are had through text, facebook, chatting, emails, blogging…we also recently made a shared twitter. So when you see our conversations and posts in this blog, they may be pulled from any of those sources and shared with you.

Things I rant about most often: family drama. I have a family full of women, and there is always some bullshit fire that I have to put out. (Never thought I’d grow up to be a firefighter, ha). Work: I work in the athletic training room at my school, dealing with athletes’ legitimate and malingering injuries. Political, economical, and social controversies. If there’s anything going on in the world, I probably have an opinion about it and delight in engaging in some intellectual intercourse (typical Gemini)

Which leads me to my next point: I love astrology. It is a significant component of my faith and I tend to incorporate astrological beliefs into much of my writing. It is also the basis for a lot of my prejudices about people (for example, I dislike most pisces). If you understand astrology then you wouldn’t take offense.

“Stops writing in a journal and starts a blog- blogger.”

Happy reading!