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Honolulu Marathon

I ran my first (and possibly last) Honolulu Marathon yesterday.

I had no idea what I was in for. I’ve ran may races, everything from 5K to half marathon; but no amount of training could equip me to tackle this beast.

In order to prepare – I started asking around to find others who were running or had ran it before. I knew that a full 26.2 miles would be like nothing I had ever experienced.

I found a girl in 1 of my classes who would also be running, this is her 5th year! Here I was – a marathon virgin – and I had a 5 year veteran marathoner sitting next to me. I picked her brain, asking her everything about it. I wanted the insider tips- from preparation, to diet, to the actual race, and how to recover after.

There’s a right way to run a marathon, and a lot of wrong ways to do it. I felt armed and ready after all that she shared with me.

This experience mirrors the way I have found myself passing on EDC knowledge to future EDC headliners. I’ve had many friends ask me about my EDC experiences because they too want to go one day and want to be fully prepared.

EDC can be a truly amazing, or a not-so-positive, carnival depending on one’s interest in learning, preparing, and executing all the how-to’s for the best possible EDC experience.

Stay tuned for the ultimate how-to guide for surviving EDC …