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Just a Thought: ‘ize’ vs. ‘ise’

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Just a random thought while trolling on the internet (which is something I’ve been doing a lot lately since school is out and I have a bunch of free time in-between my two jobs).

I read a ridiculous conversation on Humor Couch about British vs. American English. The British are complaining about how Americans spell things differently. The English (that decided to speak out on Humor Couch) are complaining that Americans were doing it wrong.

There was a dispute over the Americans way of spelling things. Such as color vs. colour. Or the use of ‘ize’ over ‘ise.’

Of course the way Americans and the British speak are different, so the way things are spelled are going to be different. It depends on the speller I guess.

Like the word ‘spelt.’ I personally like this word over ‘spelled.’

There were some some good points, there were some bad points; and there were some smart points, and there were some stupid points. Points everywhere.

Although I personally thought it was a ridiculous conversation, I found it humorous that two different groups people who uses the almost-same-language are arguing on who is right and who is wrong in this pissing contest.

One of the funniest comments was “my iphone that was developed by Steve Jobs says your wrong.” An obvious Apple purist stating his point. Then a funny rebuttal from a Brit was “*you’re”
But in the end, the only thing that popped into my mind was that if the British wanted their spelling so bad they should have won the war.

Here is the link to the comments that I was talking about.

Trying to not offend anyone and just let you into my crazy mind,

-Sype     \(^.^)/

PS. I know I have bad spelling and grammar, I’m working on it. My Enggurish is vurry gud.