Random Domestic Humor: Two in One Day

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Me flexing, I just turned 21. . .yes I know I looked like a douche bag for taking this picture, but hey, I just turned 21
Me flexing, I just turned 21. . .yes I know I looked like a douche bag for taking this picture, but hey, I just turned 21


Koko Streching

Here is a random conversation that lead into one of our normal husband-abuse-tangents. I don’t know why but most of the battles end with me (Airec) making a sandwich.

Koleana Kai McGuire: Just opened another savings account…I feel like such a grown up (^_^)

Airec Syprasert I have two checking a and two savings with two diff banks. Get in my level girl

Airec Syprasert Got on

Koleana Kai McGuire 2 checkings & 2 savings between 3 places. In yo face!

Airec Syprasert 2jobs and I pick up the kids n make dinner boo-yaaa

Koleana Kai McGuire I bring home the bread, I expect dinner on the table every night!

Airec Syprasert You told me you didn’t care bout that and wouldn’t bring it up anymore!!!! we are equals you said!

Koleana Kai McGuire Well I lied. Now get back in the kitchen & make me a sandwich

Airec Syprasert Ok, you know what, I lied too; it wasn’t good, I faked it (O.O)

Airec Syprasert shared a link.

i found unicorn helmets and armor . . . play (HALO 4) with me

Koleana Kai McGuire Can we dress up in these and make a harlem shake video pweeaasseeeeee

Airec Syprasert i thought u dont like thsoe kinda videos and thought they were overkill?

Koleana Kai McGuire The beyonce shit was overkill

Airec Syprasert so what ur telling me is that you’re willing to dress up in a halo unicorn helemt as long as we do the harlem shake>?

Airec Syprasert and i emphasize in the word HALO

Koleana Kai McGuire If only there were a way to wear a spirithood OVER the unicorn helmet. Hmmmm

Airec Syprasert why, why would you wanna desecrate the sanctity of halo with a spirithood?!?!

Airec Syprasert maybe u wear the helmet and ill wear the spririthoody? with a ski mask?

Koleana Kai McGuire No I wear both!

Airec Syprasert no, you always do this! like when you didn’t let me choose the color for the drapes, you never let me get what i want

Koleana Kai McGuire You’re so damn high maintenance!

Airec Syprasert (but real talk, you can wear both unicorns cuz ill probably end up slaying the unicorn anyways. im down to make the music video if i can wear the ski mask)

Airec Syprasert and you are a control FREAK!!! always being a man and never letting me have an opinion :*(

Koleana Kai McGuire You’re opinions are irrelevant. I bring home the bread = I make all the decisions.

Koleana Kai McGuire (real talk though: this is going on the Hawaii To-Do List)

Airec Syprasert you’re never appreciative

A Quicky: Something That Made Me LOL

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“I have a Korean friend, when she is happy, I tell her that she is being south Korean today. when she is mad, I say shes being north Korean today.”

I saw this on the cooking channel at the gym today. I laughed out loud and had to stop running, I almost feel off the machine. I know this is kinda race sensitive but if we can’t laugh at stuff like this, why are we taking life so seriously. I think laughter and humor cures all. I’m Asian and I think this is funny, laugh with me because I know the host of the cooking show who said this didn’t mean for it to be harmful.


Me being Asian. My eyes are open, just trying really hard to see the camera lens
Me being Asian. My eyes are open, just trying really hard to see the camera lens

Wingstop Bro-Date Study Break

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wing stop
wing stop

So while some of us are being productive and doing productive things that coincide with our EDC get-in-shape goals, some of us are not being not productive. And kinda getting fat.

I decided earlier tonight to have a bro-date with my buddy Jose.

What is a bro-date you ask? It is when two bros (male friends who transcends best-friendship, achieving a higher level: Bros) have a non-homosexual hangout session. I will probably do a whole post on Bros in the future.

And to continue my streak of bad eating habits (this morning I also decided to reward my patience by freezing my Asian-ass for 4 hours through the DMV with a big juicy double-double cheese burger from In-N-Out, topped off with a nice warm strawberry doughnut from Krispy Kreme) and have some Wing Stop.

For some of you who do not know, Wingstop is a place where you annihilate chicken wings of all flavors with a side of French-fries. It’s kinda like Hooters . . . but there no boobs. Actually, there are boobs, but in baggy dark green polo’s instead of being squeezed together, about to pop out of a tight tank-top, boobs.

Boy, were those wings delicious. I had the spicy Cajun lemon chicken flavored wings. Just as the name suggest, it was a Cajun spiced chicken wing with a hint of lemon. And the fries? Crispy, some where a little burnt and slightly over salted . . . just how I like ‘em.

Take that cholesterol.

Along some great conversation with my buddy Jose, it was a great bro-date.

Sadly to say, to go along the theme of aging this weekend, I’m starting to realize that I’m getting old. Not old-man-Eric-Juno old, but just getting older.

Now don’t get me wrong, me getting older doesn’t mean I’m getting more mature. I don’t actually know when that’s gonna happen, but my body cannot handle certain foods at the dark of night anymore. And sometimes my hearing is bad and my back aches.

Now take me away Tums, or Walgreens knock-off brand Tums. Fat-Airec my still live inside me, but old Airecs stomach does not agree (:/)

Oh and P.S. FUCK the DMV.

-Airec Sype.

“Eats flavored antacid tablets, candy substitute”


NEW WORD: Inbrospective

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Bros Dancing
Bros Dancing

Inbrospective: [in.BRO.spec.tive]


–          A word derived from introspective

–          The act of reflecting upon oneself through the eyes and mentality of a BRO and realizing something that you didn’t before. Then feeling the euphoria of how fuckin’ awesome you are.