This is why we need to be professional bloggers

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  • Airec Syprasert we’re deff on the road to being mature
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Maturity at its finest!
  • Airec Syprasert oh yeah, this is deff the engineered work of soon to be college grads
  • Koleana Kai McGuire We will be such valuable assets in society
  • Airec Syprasert oh yeah, the world needs more dicks made out of food pics
  • Airec Syprasert that should be a future project, travel the world to make sexual organs out of food. . .you in?
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Down. We all know va jay jay rules the world!
  • Airec Syprasert you shut ur face
  • Airec Syprasert no doubt i love va jay jay, but no penis wins
  • Koleana Kai McGuire You’re trippin brohammer. Imma take a nap before homework and working out. Figure out the drop box thing!
  • Airec Syprasert how many naps do u take granny? and i will. go rest ur va jay jay
  • Koleana Kai McGuire I need my beauty sleep. Being a unicorn isn’t easy!
  • Airec Syprasert stop throwing ur unicorness in my face or else im going to slay you in the name of markus
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Don’t get your panties in a bunch!
  • Airec Syprasert too late, stop being mean to me or else ill tell. . .the neighbors are going to hear
  • Koleana Kai McGuire You better take your ass back to the kitchen where it belongs! Don’t make me get the belt!
  • Airec Syprasert please stop, i no want to hurt no mo. my momma warned about evil white people like you. yall folks made us build the muni tracks.
  • Koleana Kai McGuire Whatevs. Irish had to built the first transcontinental railroad. Everyone has a story to tell about shit their people went through…
  • Airec Syprasert yeah my story is about how koleana mcguire an irish immigrant decent beat me and asian decent. . . .sad
  • Malia Kai McGuire hahahaha!^
  • Will Scott I love how this started as a penis joke, which turned to a bajingo rules issue & then you pulled the “special” unicorn card & finally ended with a racial profiling beat down! Herhehehhehe
  • Airec Syprasert never a dull time with koko and airec
  • Koleana Kai McGuire This is why we need to be professional bloggers…so we can make money off people being entertained by our lives
  • Airec Syprasert I just create our twitter. Now let me play a few games if halo before I work on our blog