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Chris Evens and Jeremy Renner Offends the Internet with ‘Slut’ Comments

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By Airec Sype

The Internet is offended again with recent comments from Marvel superstars Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner (if you didn’t already know: Captain America and Hawkeye) when asked about Black Widow’s fictional-flip-flopping relationship with the two superheros.

I don’t really follow press junkets or movie promo-tours, but this one recently caught my attention after seeing it on BuzzFeed. This touchy subject matter also ties in with my last post about SNL “Teacher Trail” skit and how the Internet was also angry in pants.

Some people called them “assholes” and even renounced their love and appreciation for the two men. If you want to see some of the pissed off people via Twitter, check out Uproxx post here.

Yet not everyone was preparing pitch-forks and lighting torches. BuzzFeed shows some people who didn’t find it so offensive and calling it a “joke.” Yes, some were women; and of course YouTuber’s also chimed in with their rants.

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With the Internet ablaze, Evans and Renner apologized for their comments and said that it was “tasteless” and “immature.”

Are you happy now internet, will you see Avengers: Age of Ultron again?

I understand why people were upset with their comments: these two white men of power thought it was OK to use slut-shamming words despite the fact that it was a joke.

Damn, if this is the state of the world that we’re in today where we can’t make jokes then how do we laugh at things. America really does like being offended in everything. The two men didn’t mean any malice with their words.

Let’s be real here, if Captain America and Hawkeye were really there and you asked those two fictional men about how they feel about a woman bouncing from the two of them then I’m sure they would not be pleased. It’s like finding out your ex is now hooking up with another one of your bros. Hell yeah I’ll call her a homie hopper.

If you want to dig a little deeper, comic books in America has been really big on sex and slutty outfits. Look at Starfire in the New 52’s or Batman fighting Nightwing shirtless . . . but still with their respected mask on. Sex sells in comic books, and like a sitcom EVERYONE hooks up with each other.

Was it sexist? Yeah. However, if a promiscuous man was sleeping around, he’s a douche-bag or a whore right!?!?! He has no respect for woman so we should call him names right? Then is that sexist?

Whatever I guess. This is just one Asian straight male opinion on the whole situation. I could be wrong in this economics of free ideas. I’m not saying that we should go around slut-shamming woman. But sometimes when you get your heartbroken certain words that degrades a specific gender will slip out.

If you completely don’t agree with me then check out Jen Yamato article on defending Black Widow.

Just respect each other out there and don’t take things out of context. I know I’ll be seeing this awesome movie this opening weekend.

Till next time, Sype.