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Asian Boyfriend No Welcome Here!!!

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Everyone who’s friends with me on Facebook knows that I love to browse the internet for funny shit and that BuzzFeed is one of the blogs that I frequently “share” on Facebook. Earlier this week, I came across a BuzzFeed post about some vicious attacks on Lorde, 17 year old pop-singer from New Zealand, and her boyfriend, James Lowe.

According to BuzzFeed, the original “attack” came from rapper Tyler, the Creator. I put attack in quotation marks because I don’t know if it was intended as an attack (something which you can never really know because Tyler, the Creator, is fucking crazy).

Now, I’m not focusing on the non-feud between Lorde and Tyler, the main disgust I feel is from the Twitter attacks that followed.

Tyler, the Creator’s tweet sparked a clash of resistance against Lorde, primarily attacking her boyfriend of Asian descent.

The onslaught of Twitter attacks were brought on by One Direction and Justin Bieber fans. These tweens accused Lorde of calling their false demigods ugly.

In Lorde’s defense, she did not accuse One Direction or Justin Bieber of being ugly.

I’m not going to go into details about what these little girls and stupid boys were saying about Lorde and James, but some of their Tweets contain the words “Hoe” and “Chinese old fart.”

You can read it all here:

Who knew that these little tweens can be so blood thirsty behind a keyboard?

Now, I’m not saying that I think One Direction and Justin Bieber sucks, but I don’t particularly like their music; however, I respect other people’s opinions that like it. This are just one Asian boy’s opinion.

But Justin Bieber, in particular, I don’t like personally; especially after his attack on Michael Woods manager in Korea earlier this year.

And if you like Justin Bieber and don’t like my opinion, you can either write a comment or, hell, get your own site and BLOG ABOUT IT!!!

Linda West, of Jezebel, stated to BuzzFeed, “Even the tweets that don’t specifically mention Lowe’s race, I suspect, are at least partially driven by our culture’s nasty stereotyping of Asian men as unsexy and sexless.”

Why is it that in America (and I say America because this is where I live and where I have experience dating shortcomings), Asian males are viewed as “unsexy” and emasculated when paired up against the standards of attractiveness?

Is our skin too yellow? Do our wide eyes scare you? Are we too smart and weird and nerdy and geeky to be attractive??

This type of “thought” makes it hard for Asian Americans to date outside of their race.

I know other races have their own “sexual identification:” black males being “big,” Hispanic males being exotic with a splash of Spanish spice, European males with their thick charming accents. But what is Asian American males’ identification? The ability to do your homework for you? The person to rely on to fix your broken iPhone screen?

Of course I know that not everyone is the same. I know that some girls don’t date Asian males not because they are racist; they are just simply not attracted to them. And I know some girls who do date -and in some cases only 🙂 – Asian males.

Here is a random funny video about Asians in a library:

This rant probably went off course about what I wanted to say, so let me just sum it up here: I hate how it’s so easy for people over the internet to attack an Asian male’s sexual identity when they’re in an interracial relationship!

I could probably go on further into this subject, I was once aspiring to become an Asian American Studies minor, but I will spare you an earful of preaching.

Another thing that was brought to my attention by my friend Lili is Lorde and her boyfriends’ age difference. Lorde is 17 and her boyfriend is 24 . . . (O.O)

Yes, I know that here in America their relationship is taboo. Better yet, illegal!!! But minute facts like that still didn’t stop me from trying to date a freshman when I was 18 in high school! Bro-five!

But the age of consent in New Zealand, where these two are from, is 16. And in their eyes (haha James Lowe’s eyes), and also by Mexican culture standards, 16 is the age of being a woman and thus being the legal age of consent.

Now, if I remember correctly, wasn’t pop-sensation Miley Cyrus getting d*** down by some 24 year old wrecking ball when she was like 17?

But what’s the difference? Is it just because Miley’s ex looks good in a tight t-shirt while Lorde’s boyfriend looks like your tutor in math class?

If we look at this through the eyes of Americans, then yeah, 24 to 16 is kinda gross.

However, if this is an American ethical standpoint we’re tackling, then let’s look at one of the great American actors, Morgan Freeman.

Not only did he date someone younger, but the woman that he left his wife for was his adopted granddaughter. E’Dena Hines is granddaughter of his first wife, Jeanette Adair Bradshaw. Freeman and E’Dena are not related by blood; the only connection they have is through his first wife, whom is E’Denas’ grandmother Bradshaw . . . (o.O)

Just something to point out in that link, E’Dena is trying to dispute that she and Freeman are related, but she called him “my grandfather” . . . that’s just a little gross. Just a little bit . . .

And yet no one talks about this (O.o)

Now, I’m not trying to justify a couple’s relationship age difference, I’m just trying to highlight the crude racist comments against Asians on the internet. I know I’m not a saint myself when it comes to race . . . but these people are just being mean!!!

So here we have it. In Lorde’s case, 16 is legal in New Zealand (and her boyfriend does kind of look like a Hipster Asian), but in Morgan Freeman’s case . . . let’s just say family reunions will never be the same.

-Hope y’all have a good one, Sype.

-PS, here I’ll leave you some screenshots that were the roots of this blog post! You can also see what my friends had to say on this matter!!!

lorde bf 1

lorde bf 2