Wishing You a Merry Xmas and a Twerking New Year

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booty shaking around the Christmas tree
booty shaking around the Christmas tree

It’s Christmas y’all!!!

I love Christmas, probably one of my favorite time of years: the lights, the ice skating, the festivities, and who can forget the crying babies in overcrowded malls!

This is my first attempt in making an e-Christmas card. I think I did it right . . . because I’m too poor to afford real Christmas cards and send them out.

Here’s a picture of me celebrating my Xmas festive spirit and another picture of me preparing for the ratchetness that is about to occur on New Years. Gotta practice some double-hand-ground-slapping-booty-shaking that’s gonna ring in the New Year.

This New Year I will be attending POP NYE and witnessing a THREE AND A HALF HOUR SET FROM NEW WORLD PUNX!!! NWP is a duo that is composed up Ferry Corsten and (of course my favorite DJ) Markus Schulz.

I cannot WAIT!!! Gonna definitely get my bro-y ratchet on.

I love Christmas.

Well have a good one, wishing you a merry Christmas from KokoandAirec, and reminding you to have a Twerking New Year,


P.S. Too bad I won’t be celebrating Christmas eating veggy pizza (and passing out to Love Actually with Koko, fucking love that British accented movie) and ringing in the New Year with my ginormous group- the Zipper Squad. But they will be with me in spirit.

P.S.S. I sometimes wish I was Mexican so I could have some tamales right now, all of the Christmas tamale pictures are flooding my Facebook news feed.

In front of that giant xmas tree in SF
In front of that giant xmas tree in SF
Group Pic
Group Pic
Ruby Skye, koko jovani and i
Ruby Skye, koko jovani and i
me stealing all the gifts #grinchmode
me stealing all the gifts

A Ratchet-less San Francisco

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Today BART trains stayed in their stations and were not ran. BART union workers striked for higher pay and other accommodations. Many people from the East Bay were not able to commute or venture into San Francisco . . .

And thus, today was the first ratchet-less day that San Francisco has seen since 1972. (Trust me, I caught the end of Gay Pride yesterday after work and that was ratchet as fuck).

Hoping y’all find another ride to the City or hoping you’re having a fun time at home, I know it messed up my day.


-PS, I say this without meaning to offend anyone

Read the story about SF BART strike here: