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First Slap: Hits Harder Than a Kiss

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Everyone has heard of the “First Kiss” video where 20 strangers together to kiss for the first time. Filmmaker Tatia Pilieva, born in the Republic of Georgia and received her MFA at the American Film Institute, was the one responsible for this internet craze. The film is in an artsy black and white, it’s beautiful, it shows an intimate moment between two strangers (straight, gay, lesbian) with some indie music in the back ground, yada yada yada!

Cool, feelings, I get it bro. But have you seen “The Slap?”

“The Slap” is one of the many videos inspired by “First Kiss” that has flooded YouTube.

Max Landis, an American screenwriter, originally created “The Slap” as a parody but it became something “much more interesting” as he explains in his follow up behind the scenes video “The Slap – Point of Impact.”

I actually saw “The Slap” before “First Kiss.” And I don’t regret it.

I remember seeing my Facebook news-feed blowing up with re-posts of Pilieva’s video. And quite frankly, it did not seem that appealing to me. If I wanted to watch a video about two strangers kissing I would much rather watch lesbian porn, at least I knew that would go somewhere more interesting. But I will give Pilieva credit, her video was chill.

I didn’t need to watch a video about strangers kissing to ignite something mushy in me about intimacy. I have romantic comedies for that, along with the reminder of how I don’t have a girlfriend.

However, Landis “The Slap” had a different reaction in me.

From the moment the first palm smacked a cheek, I. Could. Not. Stop. Laughing!

There is something hilarious about watching a bunch of (attractive) strangers slap the sh*t out of each other. And the music that Landis choose for the video fits perfectly as its mellow-indie sound contrast the actions of the strangers. Oh man, pretty hipster girls slapping each other.

Within the first 14 seconds I just started laughing!

You can see how at first the strangers are awkwardly feeling each other out and the WHAM BAM THANK YOU MA’AM! After the awkward slap-a-duction, it’s just a full on slap-fest!

Look at these hipsters go as they just unwell a furry of face-hi-fives. There was no anger, it was just fun! These two girls even made a little back story to their slap-a-thon.

Also, you may even notice the “I see dead people” kid, Haley Joel Osment, in this bombardment of slaps, as well as other actors and actresses. The woman that is faced off with Osment cannot hold in her excitement as she realizes that shes about to slap one of her childhood icons.

Landis is right when he says that when you take violence out of slapping someone, it really is an intimate moment. (Kind of an anger bang.)

Think about all those times you randomly slapped your friend(s) from across the quad in high school. Or those times when your buddy was thinking of being a little b*tch and you had to slap him out of it. It’s funny! The Three Stooges and members of Jackass are a prime examples of this slapstick style of laughter.

So watch the video, then slap a buddy. Trust me, it’s going to be one hell of a time.

Also, don’t blame me if your friend kicks your a*s after you slap him.

Here are some random funny slap videos to keep your time till next time, peace.