Coaching the Reach-Around

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By Airec Sype.

A wrestling coach in CREIGHTON, MO, was accused of having sex with a student . . . it seems like this ole song and dance has been popping up more frequently these days.

But before you cringe and picture some old creepy man putting his hands on some hot barely legal teen that’s straight out of a porno, lets look at the accused from a pic that I’m ripping off of KTCV5:

she’s a wrestling coach? hmm . . .

This lady here is Megan Baker, 25 years of age, and her victim is a 17 year-old male. I first caught this story off of UPROXX. Although can we really call the boy a victim if he was clearly “bragging about it” to all of his bros about how he banged his wrestling coach on a school bus.

Here are some funny comments relating to this story:

yay! comments!!!
yay! comments!!!

I hear ya Yogi, I would have swiped right as well. But I don’t really have high standards for girls and anything positive in my life anyways. We had a girl on our wrestling team when I was there, but this one here is much cuter. Or I guess any girl is cute when you’re surrounded a bunch of half-naked guys.

Iono, maybe she was trying to show this kid a rear naked choke, or the scissor. There a bunch of new wrestling moves now-a-days. I hear the scissor is a frequent move in some alternative types of combat videos.

I don’t feel bad for this kid tho; the victim card was no longer liable after the 5th high five. Talk about ending your season with a bang right! Stupid kid should have kept his mouth shut. But then again, what did she expect banging a high school kid. High school boys are idiots and will shoot their mouths off the moment something epic happens . . . and this kid just experienced about a quarter of the porns out there!

The other scenarios to this story could be that the boy forced himself onto her? He’s a wrestler; he probably knows some enticing moves like the 69 or flying V. Wrestlers are pretty strong. There must be something wrong if a ok-but-not-hot looking girl like her can’t get guys her age. It’s not that hard getting a horny guy into you.

In all seriousness, I hope no one was violated and hurt. I can only end this with a nice South Park gif.