The Koko and Airec Journey Across America List

sleeping airec

This page is going to be dedicated to creating a list of things we plan for our ‘Merica Road Trip!

Travel from the Best (I mean West) Coast to the East Coast.

It will be like we’re doing a U across the United States of America.

Coast to Coast baby!

In about 3 years of course, once Koleana returns to the States from Africa.

Here are some ideas that a website called SheKnows offers us.

The Plan: (Subject to Change)


            -Start off in San Francisco. Drive to Tahoe to Reno


            -Drive through Reno to Vegas

            -Maybe stay at Kokos grandpa’s house (shower)

            -Get a 151 Fat Tuesday with a shot of Everclear and a sandwich at Earls

            -Wake up and drive to Arizona


            -Visit the Grand Canyon.

                        -Throw a wishing penny off into the canyon.

                        -Take pictures. Look around and shit. Shotgun beers.

            -Drive to the Four Corners (Arizona, Utah, Colarado, New Mexico) 

Four Corners

            -Hold hands like they did in the Simpsons

            -Shotgun beers

            -Drive to Houston.


            -Visit Huston

            -Drink cheap beer.

            -Eat Texas BBQ while Koko is sleeping

            -Visit the Houston Texans Stadium

                        -Tailgate at some Football event

            -Drive to New Orleans


            -Visit Jan, Ozstriker, and Haley in New Orleans

            -Party on Bourbon Street

            -Flash my chest for beads

            -Drive to Tampa


            -Visit Tampa

                        -Try to visit the race track and rage at Daytona

            -Drive to Miami

            -Visit South Beach and possibility rage in Miami

                        -Take a nap at the beach

            -Drive to Orlando

            -Visit Disney World and Harry Potter Land

            -Drive to South Carolina

South Carolina

            -Try to find a Bed and Breakfast like I’ve seen in the movies

            -Have a crazy adventure at a Bed and Breakfast

            -Visit Juno’s brother in Easley

            -Drive to D.C.


            -Visit Washington D.C.

                        -Hit up the White House and other government shiiit

                        -Go out in D.C.

                        -Visit Jose’s sister

            -Drive through Jersey


            -Maybe visit the Shore

            -Drive to New York

New York

            -Shotgun beers in Central Park

            -Do Hoodrat things in Time Square

                        -Window shop and look around

            -See a Broadway Musical

            -Eat a hotdog (while Koko eats a pretzel) in Brooklyn

            -See the Statue of Liberty from a distance while we eat hotdogs and shit

            -Eat at a famous vegetarian restaurant in New York

            -Try and get Missy and Mike to come to New York

            -Visit Tim and Taylar 

            -Drive to Boston


            -Visit Boston

            -See where the Tea Party happened

            – Maybe go to New Ham. to see Foxboro

                        -Visit the Patriots Stadium 


            -Drive back to New York

-Niagara Falls

            -Take Pictures

            -Shotgun Beers

            -Throw a wishing penny

            -Maybe go to Canada

Canada (if we have time)


            -Site see

            -Stalk GSP

To Do List:

-Airec and/or Koleana get licenses

-Acquire an old school VW van

-Trick other people into driving the van

-Live out of van throughout the trip

-Couch surf in order to meet local people and have places to shower (>.<)

-Get party supplies

People To Accompany on This Epic Journey:

-Koleana K. McGuire

-Airec T. Syprasert

-Jose Ronses

-Angela M.

-Jovani M.

-Anna Q.?


-There will be a lot of drinking on this trip

-Many pictures will be taken

N551561_10100694282040628_39708189_n 644338_10151160813447064_1298507075_n

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